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We live in a modern world where digital education is very important for each and every human being. We are learning every day from our lives from the moment we are born.

Digital education is the innovative use of digital tools and technologies during teaching and learning and is often referred to as technology-enhanced learning. Modern education or digital education is the contemporary version of education that is taught in schools in the 21st century.

There are numerous numbers of CBSE schools that provide digital education services to its students. In this blog, you will be aware of one of the best English medium schools in Howrah and also about the basic stages of digital education. Digital education does not only focuses on Commerce, Science or Arts but also aims to foster critical thinking, life skills, and decision-making skills in students. From Chalkboards to Whiteboards and now to smart boards, technology has become our main source of research, knowledge, and teaching.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is one of the best CBSE schools in Howrah which is highly famous for its services and facilities. The development and use of digital technologies have spread like waves over the best CBSE schools in Howrah and also over society. Rapid growth and enhanced access to technologies are said to pose new possibilities to teach and learn. Now, let’s know about some of the basic stages of digital education which are mentioned below.

  • Basic awareness on computer
  • Consider that digital learning encompasses a range of tools and technologies
  • Access and motivation
  • Availability of technology
  1. Basic awareness of computers: – Computers are a part of our digital education system. From their early school days, children are taught how to operate computers and the study materials are also given to them from the beginning at the best English medium school in Howrah. Because in the modern world, everything is going online so, it’s very necessary that students shall know how to operate and use the computer system and learn all about the application system.
  2. Consider that digital learning encompasses a range of tools and technologies: – In this stage of digital learning, students will get to know about the different range of tools and technologies which are used in digital learning methods.
  3. Access and motivation: – Students need information and technical support to get started online, and strong motivation and encouragement come from the best CBSE School in Howrah.

Benefits of modern education

  • Modern education is a dynamic way of learning enabling students to learn a lot faster. The interaction between students and teachers helps students understand better.
  • Enabling students to participate in physical activities in order to improve their efficiency is another advantage. Modern education allows students to do a lot more than just learn and helps them become more social and interactive.
  • Co-curricular activities, recreational activities, drama, and art in education help students to become creative, industrious as well as patient. This is one of the factors that make students look forward to schooling.
  • Modern education comprises screening classes and lectures which are scheduled at specific timings, this helps to make students punctual and consistent.


Your wait is over now; CBSE school admission in Howrah is open for the session 2022-2023.  If you want to get the advantages of digital education, you may visit at the best CBSE School in Howrah.

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