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Over the time, we have attended so many client meetings and we have been asked a couple of time about the difference between a project manager and a construction manager. Our clients also have this question as to why it is necessary to hire them both in any commercial property management project

That is why, Commercial real estate firm in Austin have listed below the differences between the two and the importance of each role in the commercial property management –

Project Manager

A project manager is someone who represents the tenants throughout the entire build out process, right from assisting in the selection of the site to budgeting, moving in and so on. They are responsible for managing the construction managers, architect, engineers and all the other vendors that are involved in the office build out. 

In short, project manager is the most important part of the Texas real estate firm because they are the inspectors of the project and ensure timely completion of the project.

Duties of a Project Manager

The project manager is the tenant’s representative throughout the project. They are responsible for the day to day management of the project which also includes vendor management, budgeting and scheduling and assure timely completion of the project. 

Their primary responsibilities are:

  • Site Selection

When selecting the site, your broker will be the primary point of contact. However, it is important to include project manager because they will assist you with the test fits for the potential spaces and provide budgets and schedules for comparing multiple spaces.

  • Designing Process

Right from the designing process to its bidding and approval, the project manager will take the lead. They will coordinate with the vendors and ensure that the perfect space is designed for your company.

  • Bids and Permissions

Project Manager will guide you in vendor selection process and also tedious procedure of permissions. This is known as the pre-construction procedure wherein your project will come to life, including the drawings, construction manager permits and so on.

  • Construction

The project manager will act as a direct point of contact while your construction work is going on. They will manage all the contractors and vendors directly. They will perform regular job site inspection to make sure that your project is delivered on time. 

  • Project Delivery

On completion of the project, the job of other vendors come to an end. However, the project manager will always stay connected with you to make sure that your move in is smooth and they will also be available to help you in any issues that may arise once you have occupied your space.

Construction Manager

A construction manager enters into the picture in the commercial real estate when the project starts till the end of the construction project.

Duties of a Construction Manager

The duty of the construction manager begins when the bids and permitting phase and they are active throughout the construction process. They are the leaders of the construction site and report directly to the project manager.

Their primary duties are:

  • Compilation of contractors and subcontractors

The first and foremost duty of a construction manager is to compile a team of well-trained contractors and subcontractors before the project begins. 

  • Budget of the construction

The next responsibility of a construction manager is to prepare a budget which will cover all the cost of the project as well as the labor charges. Once the budget is prepared, the construction manager will then show it to the tenant and their project manager. On their approval, the construction manager is then charged to administer the project. 

  • Work Order

If there is any issue in the construction project or there arises a need to change certain aspect, the construction manager is in charge of providing a solution and submit a work order to the project manager and the tenant for their approval.

  • Code Compliance – 

It is the responsibility of the construction manager to make sure that all the aspects of the construction project are fairly in compliance of the building codes.

Conclusion –

Both the roles are quite different but crucial to the success of the project. If your project is shovel ready to begin the construction process, once the design and the necessary permits are ready, the duty of a construction manager will begin. The project manager will come into picture when broader services like planning, designing, operations to bring your project to reality will begin. For all your construction management and property management services, GW partners are here to fulfill them all. We are a full time commercial real estate firm in Austin committed to 100 percent client satisfaction. 


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