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Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“. Perhaps he foresaw the rigorous challenges that awaited the human race. While the world is undergoing an education and health crisis due to the pandemic, let’s understand what the future of higher education will look like in the coming years and how innovating education will lead us to a healthier and safer world.

Research conducted by UNICEF says, 

Each year of education enhances the GDP of a country by 18%. On the other hand, it increases a person's income by 10%. 

So, it's safe to say that innovating education isn't just good for children but for the nation as a whole. Education has the power to create an empowered, healthy, and peaceful society. Let's learn how:

Where Do We Stand Today?

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, an unending wave of system failures and mental anguish has been uncovered leaving no sense of complacency around the world. Led by a destructive impact on the global economy, COVID-19  has adversely disrupted the education sector followed by the enforced closure of schools and educational institutions worldwide.

Now that there's no sign of the declination of COVID-19 due to the evolution of other strains, our education, health, and financial systems are still vulnerable to major setbacks that can worsen the situation. As a world's education company, we at Edvantic, believe that investment in education can save us all from a future humanitarian crisis.

How Education Is Interrelated To Health?

Americans who are more educated live longer and healthier lives in comparison to those who are less educated says a report. But why is education so closely tied to health? Because education has the power to create opportunities for better income and resources that ultimately lead to better health.

When Gary Becker gave the theory of Human Capital to the world, we perhaps did not know that it would become the greatest driving factor for national growth and financial stability. Investment in innovating education works towards maximizing the human capital that will help in decreasing the rate of poverty and health crisis.

If we have a look at the World Bank’s Human Capital Index, we can get an idea of how investment in innovating education for the first three years in an individual's life can help countries address the most complex development challenges. Here’s how increased investment in innovating education can create a healthier world:

Health-Benefits Of Investing In Education

At Edvantic, our primary agenda is to work towards innovating education and work towards creating a glorious future of higher education for all. Know how investment in innovating education results in good health outcomes:

Highly paid jobs/ Employment 

In today's economic ecosystem, a person with a higher educational degree is more likely to secure a job that covers health insurance, paid leaves, and retirement than one with no education. This exposes the lesser educated people to occupations that increase health risk and less pay.

Access to healthcare

Highly educated individuals usually get high wages which makes it possible for them to afford quality healthcare. While those who are not educated are inclined to be paid so little that they can't even afford basic living amenities.

Resources for good health

Families, which are educated and financially stable can easily get access to healthy food and a healthy living environment, which puts them at low risk of chronic health conditions. On the contrary, financial insecurity, poor nutrition, unemployment, and stress with less education can put individuals and their families at a high risk of poor health conditions. 

Health Behaviors 

One of the most significant benefits of investment in innovating education is that it will help people to understand health behaviors. Those individuals who are educated and are suffering from a disease can easily understand their health scenario, follow instructions, take medications, and communicate with the health providers.

For all these reasons, investment in education is not just a necessity but the need of the hour to move one step closer to a healthy community.


As a world's education companywe believe education is a highly important agent of change that leads us to the pathway of a stable and healthy world and that's why investment in education should be the prime focus of all nations.



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