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Know Why You Should Visit Sundarban

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“There are many reasons to visit Sundarban. Read this article to know about them. It will surely encourage you to plan a trip to Sundarban”. 

Sundarban is one of the most visited destinations in India. Here, you will be offered captivating natural beauty. Whether you are a wildlife photographer, a simple tourist or a bird watcher – Sundarban is one of the perfect places for you. Spot the man-eating tigers in any part of Sundarban, watch the livelihood of a ferocious crocodile and enjoy the panoramic view of the mangrove forest through your Sundarban tour package. Here, the important things you can do in Sundarban are given below. It will help you to plan your tour with the best Sundarban tour packages. Go through the details:

Morning Boat Ride Through Sundarban Mangrove Forest

There are several canals, and creeks spread throughout the Sundarban area. One of the major benefits of having a boat ride in the morning is to get a glimpse of all the animals and birds of Sundarban who come here to drink water and catch prey. You should go with a small team as too much noise can scare the animals and birds there. Just be quiet and enjoy the rewarding experience in the Sundarban Mangrove forest.

Enjoy The Panoramic View From The Watch Tower

There are a few watchtowers in the Sundarban. One of them is located in Kotka. From here, you can have a birds-eye view of the field. Here, the animals come to drink the sweet water. Seat in this watchtower during the evening and enjoy the wild view of the Sundarban Mangrove forest along with your Sundarban tour packages. But you may not be allowed to climb up this watchtower if there are many people in your team.

Buy Some Souvenirs

Your Sundarban tour will be incomplete if you don't make some purchases here. Memories can fade away, but a souvenir can help you to remember any particular place. But what to buy from Sundarban? You can buy real honey and organic brown rice from Sundarban. Apart from that, the Sundarban tour can be a surprise for art buffs. You can buy some art from the local handicrafts.

Don't Miss To Visit The Local Villages 

Sundarban is not only about an amazing wildlife travel experience, but also about mesmerizing rural tourism. Have a tour of the villages of Sundarban and get to know about their lifestyle and cultures. You can also witness their local dance drama cultural programme in the Sundarban.

Bird Watching

Sundarban tour involves so many adventurous activities and bird watching is one of them. You can say Sundarban is a perfect place for birdwatchers. You can enjoy birds chirping everywhere throughout the mangrove. Get some tips from the locals for an amazing bird viewing experience. There are numbers of migrating birds in Sundarban. Take a binocular in your travel bag if you are interested in watching birds.

Wrapping It Up

Sundarban is one of the perfect places for solo travellers and family tours. In Sundarban, you can do a lot of activities as mentioned earlier. Apart from the above, you can also try learning about fishing, cooking rural foods, etc. You can enjoy it here every day. Whether you have a high budget or a tight one, you can choose a Sundarban tour package without any hesitation. So why wait? Talk to your travel agent today and start backpacking for the world's largest mangrove forest tour.


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