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Know Your Lucky Stone by Birth Date

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Lucky stones can make you lucky! Believe it or not, if you wear a gemstone as suggested by your birth chart, you may attract fortunes in no time. It is easy to know- What is my lucky stone by date of birth? For that, one needs to look for the favorable planets in the birth chart. But here, one important thing to know is that not every person necessarily has a lucky stone. Sometimes, the birth chart prohibits wearing any of the gemstones too. Let's know everything about gemstones and the benefits of wearing them.

What are Gemstones?

In general terms, Gemstones are known as minerals, organic matter, or rocks that undergo a process of beautification through cutting and polishing. Recognized for their beauty and durability, these are often worn as a piece of jewelry and other adornments. 

Gemstones bear significant importance in Vedic astrology. Gemstones are known to carry cosmic energy to have a considerable impact on the wearer. Energies surround us all, and these gemstones help to attract energy meant to bring benefits and divine help to us. These gemstones attract blessings of different planets to increase their element or natural significations within the person. These gemstones help to remove the problems caused by different planets.  

In ancient times, royal people used to adorn various gems, but today, people commonly use gemstones with different zodiac signs. The gemstones possess a mystical power that could help the wearer overcome troubles in any aspect of life, like education, marriage, career, business, health, etc. Gemstones have proved their efficacy over time, and many influential people in society, including celebrities, can be seen wearing them. 

However, it is important to know that only natural gemstones give the desired effects to the wearer. Gemstones can't be worn as a personal choice, but after conducting a proper birth chart analysis, the most suitable gemstone is suggested. If one wears the wrong gemstone, then there are chances of getting bad results in life also. Thus, one should consult the best astrologer before wearing any of the gemstones.

How do we decide the best gemstone for a person?

The astrologer generally suggests the native wear the gemstone of the trine lords, i.e., the Lord of the birth chart's 1st, 5th, and 9th house. These trikona or trine houses are called the Vishnu Sthaan and are known to give sustenance in life. It is good to wear the gemstone of the trine lords to get success and prosperity in life. Since these three lords sustain life, the native gets stability in all spheres of life while overcoming problems and obstacles in life.

Benefits of wearing a Gemstone

Wearing a gemstone can benefit the wearer, provided the person wears it after an astrological consultation with an experienced astrologer. Some of the benefits are enumerated below-

Attract favorable energy of the planet: Every person has some favorable planets in the birth chart, which help overcome life's hardships. These planets support the natives to get favorable results in life. By wearing the gemstone of the favorable planet, the native gets wealth, health, success, and prosperity in life.  

Improves concentration– The 5th house is the house of intellect and creativity. If a person wears the gemstone of the 5th Lord, then the Lord gets strengthened and gives its auspicious results to the native. A strong 5th house helps to improve concentration and get excellent academic results.

Accelerates Healing– The gemstones help to bring balance to the bodily chakras. This automatically helps to gain better health and mental peace for the person. The positive vibes generated help the person to get inner strength.

Achieving purpose in life: The person may find several obstacles and delays in desired goals or expectations in life. The gemstones give the person the right attitude and thinking to choose the most beneficial path to get the desired results. The gemstones work inside to bestow the right attitude in life. 

Gemstones for different planets

There are different gemstones prescribed for different planets. The most important fact to know is that different fingers have been prescribed for each gemstone. It is mandatory to wear the gemstone on the right finger to get the best results of the gemstone. Also, there is a method prescribed for wearing different kinds of gemstones. The gemstone should be worn after activating it through an appropriate process. 

·         Sun- Ruby

·         Moon- Pearl

·         Mars- Coral

·         Mercury- Green Emerald 

·         Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire 

·         Venus- Diamond, Opal

·         Saturn- Blue Sapphire

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Gemstone calculator

One may know his/her lucky gemstone by using a gemstone calculator, which conveniently prescribes them using the date of birth of a person. However, the strength and position of the favorable planets need to be checked before wearing any gemstone. Only a learned astrologer may suggest the best suitable gemstone after checking the planet through all possible measures. Sometimes, even wearing a gemstone of a trine lord may not help due to major afflictions of the planet. Hence, wearing a gemstone after an astrological consultation is strongly recommended.

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