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Know Your Presiding Deity in Your Birth Chart

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It is interesting to know that you may know your presiding deity in your birth chart. The presiding deity helps in quick spiritual enhancement while attracting divine support to help you overcome various troubles in life. We all strive to earn money and gain a satisfactory financial status in life. But this is not the only aim of life- we should try to uplift our spiritual side as well. Spiritual and religious growth can be significant for many, while others are needed to be pushed. Spiritual gains are the ultimate gains we carry forward from this life. The birth chart of a person provides insight from the stars into our daily lives. It may also suggest which deity you should worship for the betterment of your life. 

Role of first house in the birth chart

The first house of birth chart shows the individual himself. The first house predicts about the personal internal and outer traits of a person. How does he/she look and what are the inner qualities or traits? The influence of benefic and malefic planets at the first house may make the person satvik or tamsik in nature. The presence of benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon give sober and noble tendencies while the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Sun may give a political or vicious mind. However, the strength and association of the planets must be checked before concluding. A malefic planet if in exaltation or friendly sign, may not give bad results. So, in Astrology it is a general dictum to check the strength, association, and placement of the planets before making any predictions else wrong predictions may follow.

Why is it important to identify your Deity?

We humans always need mental support no matter how sturdy or robust we are outside. Not everyone can share their mind with others, and in most cases we actually don’t get anyone to speak to. In that case, worshipping a deity or seeking blessings may calm your mind. It also shows the way as nobody else can suggest because when we are at calm, our mind works at its best.

Worshipping the deity specifically meant for you opens the doors of spiritual enhancement, which leads you towards the path of renunciation. The Deity helps in knowing the real truth of life and breaking the karmic cycle to ultimately attain moksha or salvation.

Worshipping a deity brings guidance, protection, care and enlightenment in life. The Atma Karaka planet in the birth chart and the fifth house of the janam kundli help to know the ishtdevta or worshipping deity for a person. The D-9 or the navamsha chart shows the blessing of God for the native, and hence is seen for knowing the deity of a person.

Who is my Deity?

The fifth house in the birth chart is the house of intelligence, purvapunya and one’s specific deity. The role of fifth house is significant in finding one’s deity. It is assumed that if –

  • Aries/Scorpio or Mars is laced in the 5th house- Pperson should worship Lord Hanuman.
  • Taurus/Libra or Venus in the 5th house-   The person should worship Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Gemini or Mercury in the 5th house- The person should worship Goddess Durga.
  • Cancer or Moon in the 5th house- The person should worship Lord Krishna.
  • Leo or Sun in the 5th house – The person should worship Lord Shiva/ Narsimha/Vishnu
  • Virgo in the 5th house- The person should worship Goddess Saraswati
  • Sagittarius/ Pisces or Jupiter in the 5th house- The person should worship Lord Vishnu/ Rama/ Krishna. 
  • Capricorn/Aquarius in the 5th house – The person should worship Goddess Kali/Durga/Lord Bhairav

Determining deity through Atmakaraka planet

The first thing to find is the planet with highest degree in your janam kundli. This is the atmakaraka planet of the birth chart- it signifies the soul's desire.  The Chara Atmakaraka (AK) planet is indifferent to the states like combustion, debilitation or inimical sign helps to locate one’s deity or ishtdevta. The Sun is the natural Atmakaraka planet in Astrology. The AK planet is considered to be the strongest planet in Jaimini Astrology. It depicts an individual’s enslavement and potential for liberation in this life.

After finding the atmakaraka planet, we have to find the navamsha sign of the atmakaraka planet. This sign is called karakamsha. The karakamsha kundli may reveal about your spiritual and professional attainment significantly.

After that, look at the twelfth house from the karakamsha sign and the planets placed here will indicate your deity. If no planet is placed then the sign and the placement of its Lord will decide the deity of that individual. The 12th house from the karakamsha is called “Jivanmuktamsa.”

There have been detailed explanations of each sign and the lord associated with it. Also whether the deity should be worshipped in standing, lying, Rudra form, peaceful form, childhood or baalroopa or adult form, etc, has been narrated.

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The 9th house of the birth chart

The 9th house is a house of religion and the deity associated with it motivates to live a balanced life in accordance with Dharma. The deity makes your luck or bhagya stronger as it is the house of bhagya or fortunes. The deity makes you realize the benefits of the 9th house as and when needed in life. Auspicious planets and deities as depicted by the trine houses i.e. 1st, 5th and 9th may indicate the Deity to be worshipped as these are the Lakshmi sthaan and are known to help us grow and prosper. The Deity as shown by the 5th house paves the way for the mantra siddhi and the person should mantra, jap, etc. of the related deity. Through sadhana, one is certain to notice the huge and obvious results.

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