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Koi CBD: Would We Recommend It To A Friend?

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 CBD from koi fish is a bit of a puzzle. On the one hand, they've been around a long time and appear to be fairly popular. While being in the CBD for more than six years does not ensure quality, it is unquestionably a win. Over 10,000 people look for their stuff each month. This indicates that they have a steady stream of customers. Another encouraging indicator. On the other side, they've had legal troubles with the FDA since the beginning of 2019. Which is never a good thing to watch. So, which of them are they? The manufacturer of a high-quality CBD product that tens of thousands of people adore? Or a company with shady business practices hoping to cash in on the CBD craze?

A quick company overview

In the summer of 2018, Hemp & Barrel was born on a farm in Lake Lure, North Carolina. The idea for Lake Lure CBD was conceived during a visit to Lake Lure Farms by the founders. In four states, Lake Lure CBD is now home to the most effective and greatest CBD brand.

Hemp & Barrel is the first retail location dedicated to the Lake Lure CBD brand, as well as a variety of other wonderful goods. We are a truly locally owned, seed to shelf, vertically integrated company. We feel that local is superior, but we recognize that different people may require different items, and we are here to provide their needs.

What products do they make?

Koi CBD offers a wide range of products for both people and dogs, all of which contain broad-spectrum CBD. This means that all chemicals in the hemp plant, save THC, are present in trace amounts. Broad-spectrum CBD products have a more balanced effect and may provide additional advantages due to the interactions of other chemicals with CBD.

Their products include:

– Balms and gels

– Oils

koi naturals cbd oil

– Skincare products

– Gummies
Koi Balance Anytime Gummies

– Vape juice

– Bath products

– Pet chews and oil sprays

– Flowers

Their CBD products are available in a variety of CBD flavorsand concentrations. The boast that Koi CBD's gummies are “America's Best Tasting Gummies” raises the stakes considerably. And it's difficult to argue with that because it's a matter of personal preference. They also have a wide price range, making them accessible to those on a variety of budgets.

What is the quality of Koi CBD’s products?

Koi CBD appears to produce the high-quality items that they advertise. Their website provides detailed information about each product's constituents, which can be found under the product information section of their online store. Their manufacturing facility is FDA-approved and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The CBD is processed by Koi CBD using the CO2 extraction method. There will be no traces of dangerous chemicals in the finished product because this process does not employ solvents.

“What sets us unique from a lot of other CBD firms is our whole-plant extraction approach,” says co-founder Brett Brunner in Cannabis and Tech Today. We don't just extract CBD; we purify the entire product, removing THC, CO2, chlorophyll, amino acids, and carbs in order to provide the best-tasting CBD products on the market.

Do they make safe products?

According to Brunner, each batch is treated in a single vessel to reduce human mistake and cross contamination. A third-party laboratory tests each product to confirm that it contains the correct amount of CBD and is free of impurities.

The fact that Koi CBD makes their certificates of analysis easily accessible on their website, which show the findings of third-party testing for their products, is a great indicator. However, for the same product, certain COAs produce slightly different findings. Some products detect CBD potency levels that are higher than those listed on the package. Some COAs are missing the quantitative limit – the THC test. This makes it difficult to tell whether certain items contain traces of THC.

It should be mentioned that Koi CBD is currently facing a lawsuit from a person who claims to have lost a job as a result of failed drug tests after taking Koi CBD products. Because Koi CBD has no THC, it should not show up on drug testing.

Where do they source their CBD?

Koi CBD sources their CBD from organic hemp farms in Lake Lure, North Carolina.

What is their brand Hemp&Barrel?

Quality and integrity are the cornerstones of Koi CBD's hemp&barrel brand. Koi wants their product to speak for itself, therefore they provide as much information as possible to ensure that their customers are comfortable with their purchase.

They want to be the “remedy for misinformation and misunderstanding.” According to their website, they feel there is a major lack of monitoring when it comes to regulating and testing the hundreds of CBD products on the market, and promise to go above and beyond what a regulatory agency could do. They also take pleasure in being able to provide complete traceability and lab findings from a variety of third-party testing facilities.

So would we recommend Koi CBD to a friend?

It's complex, to say the least. If someone asked us if they should try Koi CBD, we'd probably recommend a different brand. They aren't doing so because of FDA warning letters. It has to do with minor inconsistencies in their certificates of authenticity. However, if you already enjoy koi naturals cbd, we wouldn't discourage you from continuing to use them. Koi CBD is a well-known firm that sells a variety of CBD products. Their items appear to be real and safe to use for the most part. However, minor discrepancies in their COAs are the only thing that makes us pause.





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