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Kotick stated that even though the year is off to P2Pah WoTLK

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 Despite the loss of subscribers, World of Warcraft remains the top subscription-based massively WOTLK Gold multiplayer online role-playing game as per Activision.In contrast, Electronic Arts' Star Wars: The Old Republic has less than 500.000 subscribers at the time of March 31.

The announcement is part of Activision Blizzard's initial quarter-end earnings report, which saw the publisher earn profits of $456 million on $1.32 billion of revenue during the three months that ended on March 31.

Kotick stated that even though the year is off to a good start however, there are reasons to be skeptical of the prospects of Activision Blizzard in the second part in the calendar year.

“While we've had an excellent start to the year, we are now convinced there are risks and uncertainties that lie ahead in the second half of 2013 are more threatening than we had previously thought particularly in the quarter leading up to Christmas,” Kotick said in prepared remarks. “The change in the release dates for competing products and the disappointing release of Wii U, uncertainties regarding the next generation of hardware, and the decline in subscribers to the World of Warcraft business all cause concern, as do continuing challenges for our global economic system.”

These concerns are cause for worry, Kotick said. But he also said the fact that Activision Blizzard will be able to create shareholder value using the same strategies that have made the company one of the biggest publishers over the last 20 years.

“For this reason, we are prudent,” he said. “However our focused and focused approach to business has been a great success in the past, and with continued investment and prudent management of our expenses we anticipate to continue providing value to shareholders over the long run, just as we have done for the past twenty years.”

Activision is currently hosting an after-earnings call for financials.

To accommodate the amount of players who would like to try to play the WoW Classic demonstration, Blizzard has implemented a 60-minute time limit for play. Also, there's a 90-minute cooling down time as well. For instance when you play the game for 30 minutes , and then take a break for 60 minutes then you are able to continue playing for 60 minutes after which you'll have to cheap WOTLK Classic Goldwait for another chance to play.





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