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PUBG was one of the first battle royale games, and it helped make the genre very famous. But because of its popularity, other games have been made that are like it. Battle royale games have become very popular, and PUBG's parent business sometimes tries to make money off of them. This usually means taking formal action against companies who steal your ideas.

At the moment,Pubg developer Krafton has filed a Lawsuit against Garena Free Fire is fighting both the people who made FreeFire and the people who sold it for copyright violations. Here's what the case is about and why PUBG is also suing Apple and Google:


This week, Krafton, the business that owns PUBG, said it was going to sue FreeFire for stealing its ideas. The case is against Apple, Google, and Garena, the company that made Free Fire. Krafton says that Free Fire copies parts of PUBG, like the way the game is set up, the items, tools, and places that make the Battle Royale style what it is.

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Google and Apple are also being sued because they have been giving out Free Fire on their apps. Krafton wants to get paid for how much money the game made, and it has already asked Apple and Google to stop selling it, but they didn't listen. The case is about both Free Fire and Free Fire Max, though there is some disagreement about how much their similarities are due to being in the same field. Battle Royale was around before PUBG, and PUBG itself used images from other games that were already made. Still, Krafton is eager to go after its claims of copyright infringement, and this is not the first time it has sued another company for the same thing.


When it came out in 2016, PUBG had a big effect on game culture. It also had a successful mobile version. In the years that followed, Krafton sued Epic Games and NetEase, saying that their games were definitely influenced by the Battle Royale gameplay, even though PUBG didn't come up with the idea first.

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In the end, the case against Epic Games was dropped, but the legal fight with NetEase has turned into a series of lawsuits between the two companies in different places. The case against PUBG Free Fire is likely to take a long time. One thing that makes things more complicated is that PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are not totally different games.

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Tencent is a part owner of Krafton and works on its mobile games. It is also a part owner of the company that owns Garena. This means that they likely make money from both games, even though they are a long way apart. The PUBG Free Fire case doesn't just go after the people who made the game; it also goes after the people who sold it.

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But Krafton's past efforts to get rid of competition by filing cases have failed, as all the games they sued are still for sale. It's not clear yet how the Free Fire case will affect things, but fans can probably expect both games to stay in shops for a while.


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