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What is marriage compatibility in Matchmaking Kundli?

Kundli Match making is important to check marital compatibility is essential for a fruitful, harmonious and peaceful family. Since marriage is the basis for a better society, it should be strong. And a solid marriage depends on the nature of the individuals getting married, which depends on their upbringing and their horoscope (called kundli). Hence compatibility of grahas (planets) called Guna ponthana is essential for a fruitful marriage.

They say marriages are made in heaven. God makes a man perfect by giving him a life partner who can change his life. The togetherness of society depends on the strength of marriage.

Traditional 36 guna ponthana for a better marriage

Natal Horoscopes or Kundli of girls and boys are match before proceeding to marriage. There are eight aspects (called koota) in the birth chart that have certain points and there are 36 in total, of which at least an 18-point match is need to progress.

Jaati / Varna: Determines the marriage propensities of individuals. As we know there are four varnas Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. These show the spiritual compatibility of a guy and a girl and the influence of their egos on the relationship. A maximum of one point is assign to this category.

Vashya: Finds out the person who dominates the relationship. Calculates mutual interaction/attraction and marriage equation. A person falls into any of the five categories.

  • Nara (human),
  • Vanachara (Wild animals like lions, and tigers),
  • Chatushpada (small animals like deer),
  • Jalachara (sea creatures like fish) a
  • Keetaka (Insects).

The nature of the persons is determine by the nature of the animal they represent, and thus the balance in the relationship is calculated. He is award a maximum of two points.

Tara: Tara is the birth star. There are 27 stars starting with Ashwini and ending with Revathi. This indicates the overall longevity of the relationship. It determines the way they both understand each other and how they treat each other. This gives a maximum of three points.

Yoni: This measures the level of intimacy and mutual love in a relationship. This determines the way a man and a woman approach each other after marriage. Connection and mutual access in a relationship. This is divide into 14 animals which are cow, dog, cat, rat, horse, lion, sheep, snake, buffalo, tiger, elephant, deer, mongoose, and monkey. 

For example, if one of them is a cat and the other a dog, it means a constant fight between them (Both animals are enemies). A maximum of four points are award in this category.

Graha Maitri: This decides compatibility in family life i.e. mental compatibility, natural friendship, affection and bonds in the family. It also indicates moon sign compatibility between the couple. Contributes a maximum of five points.

Gana: Gana indicates temperament and behavioral differences in a couple. There are three ganas: Deva (God, denotes sattva guna – light, bliss and goodness), Manava (Man, denotes Rajo guna – passion and movement) and Rakshasa (Demon, denotes Tamo guna – inertia and darkness). This indicates the interpersonal relationship between the couple and their approach to saving and maintaining the relationship. Six points (maximum) are give by the elements of gana.

Rashi: This is determine by the position of the boy's planets in different houses relative to the girl's birth chart. This is a sign of love and affection in marriage. Twelve zodiac signs are considered for matchmaking and marriages are approve between compatible signs. It is also called Bhakoota and gives a maximum of seven points.

Nadi: It has to do with the physical and mental health and reproduction of the couple. It is said that individuals with similar nadi are not allowing to marry as children may face physical and mental problems. The three nadi are Aadi Nadi (Vata), Madhya Nadi (Pitta) and Antya Nadi (Kapha). It is the most important in matchmaking as it contributes to a maximum of 8 points.

Is kundli matching really important?

No one can deny the fact that marriage is a turning point in everyone's life. It is the union of two hearts, soul and family. Marriage is a sacred bond that binds two individuals together for life and beyond. The concept of arranged marriages in India has been around for many years and many people still prefer the concept of arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage, horoscope matching or Kundli matching becomes crucial before marriage. Kundli match making predicts the compatibility between two individuals, which is why this process is incredibly reliable in finding the ideal partner for yourself.

Matchmaking kundli is consider significant while proceeding with the marriage proposal. When the Kundli of two people matches, one can find out whether the marriage will be fruitful or not. The only reason Kundli matching is give so much importance is that it can ensure a blissful married life for the future bride and groom. By getting your Kundli check, matched and analyzed by professional astrologers, you will know whether you will marry your ideal partner or not. Going for a Kundli matchmaker before finalizing the wedding helps remove any uncertainty you might have about your future life partner.

Sometimes there are doshas in your kundli for which an expert astrologer can offer a remedy. An astrologer can suggest certain pujas or mantras chant that can help correct the deficiencies in the kundli so that two people can have a successful married life. At Astroeshop we provide hassle-free online kundli matching and astrologer consultation. Get your Kundli and know about your potential partner and married life.

Note: Our marriage compatibility tools check only 36 guna ponthana points online and also generate western charts of bride and groom progress which will enable the astrologer to analyze everything in one place.

In case of any problems (errors or miscalculations) you can report to us on our forum. If you can't find your place of birth, you can start a discussion by providing your latitude and longitude details. We will add the location to our software

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Which zodiac signs are the best match?

People with the same zodiac signs are not the same when it comes to their feelings. Everyone has a different birth chart, so not everyone can have good compatibility with every sign. It depends on the birth chart.

Which is the best kundli location in Milan?

At Astroeshop, we provide hassle-free Kundli Milan and Astrology online tips. Get Kundli and know about your married life.

Is online kundli matching correct?

Astroeshop kundli matching is prove to give accurate and timely predictions about future partners and marry life. Be sure to follow the instructions here.

Why is matching horoscopes important?

Kundli matching predicts the compatibility between two individuals and removes uncertainties for a blissful married life, hence this process is important.


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