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When it comes to massage chairs, everybody wonders what’s inside of them?? And if you’ve looked it up on the internet then you must have come across different terms to describe the different massage phenomena interpreted by the latest tech behind stuffed chairs, so to speak.

The most common terms we are told are L Track, S Track & SL Track designs let’s jump into what they mean and what they do to our body.

First and foremost, massage rollers!

Inside every powered massage chair, you’ll find rollers on a shaft or long track for the back and short track for the lower body, especially feet. In this blog, we’re going to explore the back rollers tracks, because that’s where most of the massage work is.

Most massage chairs come packed with a range of massage techniques — like shiatsu, tapping, kneading, knocking — that are carried out by the motored rollers. The area covered by the rollers moving up and down your back is determined by the selected roller track technique used in the massage chair, while the intensity and speed is determined by the technology.

S Track, L Track  & SL Track Massage Chairs Technology

The layout of the back roller track differs from maker to maker but will likely be distinguished as an S Track or an L Track massage chair.

S Track Massage Chairs

The S Track as the name suggests stands for “sinusoidal,” which is just a pretty term to say “wave.”  These “S” roller tracks move in line with the curve of the human spine, moving up and down from the neck to the posterior.

So the S track technology does deeper massage on the neck and lowers back. The old massage chairs used to be made with straight roller tracks.

L Track Massage Chairs

L track is the extended version of the S track. L Track massage chairs as the name suggest extend further down the body to the lower back and beyond the knees. L Track rollers massages all the way down to the bottom from the head, however, it is without curvature on the track. This L Track can work down to your glutes or hamstrings which works like a magic trick.


SL Track Massage Chairs

Finally, the most advanced technology is the SL track. SL track is an extended version of S track & L track with curves. Traveling from the head its rollers deliver a much deeper massage on the neck and lower back where more curvature of the spine is evident. This Sl track combination accommodates those with neck pain and lower back issues.  At zero Healthcare, we have designed our u tender massage chair using this most advanced technology. We designed these massage chairs for you to feel full of massages without feeling important part has been missing.

So, Which Track Technology is better?

Overall an SL Track is an extended variant of S & L Track and can massage further and more stressed areas of your body. Massage chairs offering S & L Track functions might be cheaper, but they won’t help you relax completely. If you’re looking for the best massage chair that really does the job and helps your hamstrings, glutes, or the overall lower body, you should definitely go for the SL track.

Buying a massage chair requires a lot of thought and decision angles, and at Zero HealthCare we’re here to help you make the right choice and deliver value for money.

You can come experience any type of massage chair to see which fits your needs Or  You can also buy the best SL Track Massage Chairs from the Zero healthcare Product range by ordering online here. link

For any more info just give us a call at 0 (307) 934-9007 and our CSRs would help you out.




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