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Ladakh Trip- A successful trip

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What a successful trip would look like without trying its local delicacies. Incomplete right? One cannot travel without discovering its local culture and food and the same goes for Ladakh.

Being the perfect destination for adventure lovers, Ladakh is no lesser a hidden gem when it comes to its yum delicacies, highly influenced by Tibetan and Kashmiri food.

In spite of its rich culture and variety of traditional dishes, a majority of people overlooked its cuisine being only about thukpah and momos and missed out on the opportunities of a diversified menu.


We bring to you a Ladakh tour package where we help you devour some of the most unique local dishes while making your Ladakh bike trip a trouble-free journey.


  1. Butter Tea- Butter tea to Ladakh is the Kahwa to Kashmir and the cutting chai to Mumbai, just as important to not go a day without it. This greatness of this tea comes from the fact that it keeps the body warm and hydrated just what you need in high-altitude areas. This butter tea is also called Gurgur or Noon chai by the locals. This salted tea is made by using yak milk and a large amount of butter with a type of Tibetan lea leaves.


  1. Khambir- Khambir is a Ladakhi bread that is mainly consumed at breakfast alongside butter tea. This thick crust fermented whole wheat bread is the most common local dish that one simply cannot miss out on.


  1. Chhutagi- It’s a traditional pasta-shaped flour cooked with local vegetables also known as dumpling soups. This interesting dish comes off as the most popular and loved one amongst the locals since it is a nutrients rich dish in itself and can be eaten at lunch or dinner.
  2. Sku- Another Ladakhi savory that resembles just like its name. Similar to Chutagi, this stew-based dish is a staple amongst Ladakhis. Prepared with wheat dough kneaded into flattened balls with favorable vegetables like peas, carrot, potato, or mutton (for non-veg lovers).  A visit to Ladakh would be strenuous if you don’t give yourself up to this cold-relieving meal considering its warmth-providing ingredients.
  3. Tingmo- Tingmo is a steamed Tibetan bun that is well-liked by the locals as well as the tourists. Prepared using wheat flour, yeast mixed with onion and garlic, this favorite tea-time snack is easily found on the streets of Ladakh package and can be enjoyed at Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.

Ladakh indeed reflects a plethora of food experiences that one must take by indulging in the above listings. So, next time you book a Ladakh group tour with us, makes sure to not pass up a chance of pampering with all the traditional delights.





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