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Ladakhian New Year- Losar

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Losar is one of the most important festivals of Ladakh as it marks the beginning of the Tibetan new year. According to the Tibetan calendar, Losar Festival generally falls over a period of 3 days in January-end or February. Losar Festival Ladakh 2022 will be held from 24th February to 26th February 2022.


Losar is a Tibetan word that itself means New Year. The Losar is a 15 days festival, from the start of the Tibetan Lunar calendar, marking the 1st day of the 11 months in the Tibetan Calendar. The Losar Festival is celebrated all over Ladakh package and its monasteries.


This festival begins with the celebration of Birth and Nirvana Anniversary Je Tsongkhapa with illuminations of religious places like Monasteries, Stupas, residential and other places. The eve of the Losar festival is also celebrated with memorial food offerings for the departed loved ones. A lot of people gather in Ladakh’s sacred sites for religious offerings to the protector of Dharma.


Once you go on this Ladakh trip you will witness so many beautiful things at the Losar festival. There is a huge celebration everywhere around. There is a variety of folk dance and musical performances. People meet at sacred places and worship together. There is a sense of unity and togetherness that one can easily feel.


During the holiday, people visit monasteries to make offerings and seek blessings, as well as catch up with friends and relatives. Every year in the winter, a spiritual event was held in ancient times. However, because of its significance, the Losar Festival has been transformed into a full-fledged yearly Buddhist festival in Ladakh. Losar celebrations in Ladakh are being celebrated considerably earlier than the actual date. Locals decorate the streets and their homes, get rid of old unneeded items, and keep the area clean and tidy in the run-up to Losar. All of these decorations and tidiness are intended to ward off evil and pave the way for peace and prosperity.


During this festival people exchange gifts. There is a Metho or evening procession which is spectacular in itself to observe. A variety of special dishes are cooked and you can thus enjoy the authentic food of Ladakh!

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