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Ladies One Piece Swimwear

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Looking for something special in ladies one piece swimwear? Look no further than Nova Swimwear. Our designs are unique and stylish, perfect for a day at the beach or pool. Our swimwear is made with high quality materials that will make you feel comfortable and confident while you bathe in the sun. Browse our collection today and enjoy hours of fun in the sun!

Ladies one piece swimwear are leading the way once again, a century after altering the future of women's swimwear. These fashionable one-piece swimsuits are a long cry from your grandmother's swimming costumes, showcasing the fit, technology, and style of modern-day swimwear. Browse the Nova Swimwear ladies one piece swimwear collection to discover the ideal fit for your lifestyle.

Nova Swimwear provides a variety of stunning women's swimwear to pick from, whether you want greater covering or the simple beauty of ladies one piece swimwear.  From daring V-necks and elegant high necks to long-sleeved surf suits and more, our ladies one piece swimwear comes in a range of designs and shapes. A traditional high neck will show off your shoulders, while a trendy strapless version will let you enjoy the sunshine. Many of our one-piece swimsuits also have soft, removable cups to complement your nice curves, as well as boning and grippe tape to maintain a great fit throughout the summer.

Browse the most recent ladies one piece swimwear styles at Nova Swimwear. From vibrant designs and classic stripes to cool monochromatic and bold block colors, our selection has it all. We provides one-piece swimsuits for every style and occasion, with low-cut backs, laced-up accents, and stunning cuts giving each one a distinct flavor and flare.

Do you enjoy flaunting your gorgeous figure? Ladies one piece swimwear is a must-have in your wardrobe. We provide everything you need for surfing and swimming, from outdoor and general sports swimwear to designer and branded goods. We make sure that our clients have the finest shopping experience possible, and our inventory is hand-picked by a team of trend-savvy professionals.

Our Proposal

We've been in the swimsuit industry since 1986, and we've seen a lot of swimwear businesses come and go. We also provide a large selection of men's and children's swimwear, as well as ladies one piece swimwear.

We are Australia's top retailers of one-piece swimsuits, beach accessories, and whatever you need to feel stunning. Our internet business has been open for 15 years, and we offer services that are straightforward, courteous, and quick.

Our ladies one piece swimwear and beach accessories will complement your style this summer and may be worn on vacation as well. Our one-piece swimwear for ladies come in two styles:

  • Thick strap one piece swimsuits
  • Thin strap one piece swimsuits

We make sure to obtain the most up-to-date swimwear collections available, and our sales team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect ladies one piece swimwear for you. You can email us if you have any issues concerning the size and fit of our one piece swimsuit.

Our one piece swimsuit lines have a “second-skin” feel to them, and the better fabric and quality have given us an advantage over our competitors. 

  1. Thin strap one piece swimsuits

The thin strap ladies one piece swimwear design is a more attractive swimsuit with a ‘sporty' appearance, but with the added benefit of being able to adjust the straps to fit your body. For a sharper appearance, the Sportier has thin adjustable straps with a gentler feel thanks to our innovative binding processes. The back of the swimsuit has less fabric, resulting in a highly comfortable fit. This swimsuit includes a full front lining, which ensures that it will not be see-through when wet.

All of our ladies one piece swimwear are constructed of the finest Chlorine Resistant Polyester fabric on the market. The swimsuits include Color Retention Technology as well as the finest stretch and retention possible. They are made of rip-stop fabric and are quite durable.

  1. Thick strap one piece swimsuits

Thick strap one piece swimsuits are a popular style of swimsuit that offer a bit more coverage than traditional ladies one piece swimwear. They are also known as “bikini style” swimsuits because they typically have a band around the waist that goes down to the middle of the thigh. This band is often made from a stretchy material, so it hugs your body as you swim. They are often considered more comfortable and flattering than traditional one piece swimsuits because they provide more coverage.

Thick strap ladies one piece swimwear can be worn for a variety of activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. They are also a good choice if you are looking for something more stylish than traditional swimwear. They can be worn with any type of clothing, and they are perfect for summertime activities. If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable swimsuit, thick strap one piece swimsuits are a great option to consider.

Ladies one piece swimwear care instructions

The great majority of women wear their ladies one piece swimwear at the pool or on the beach, change at home, and then throw it in the hamper to be washed in the next load of laundry. However, washing your suit right away might make a big impact. Giving the fabric a quick washing after usage or before leaving the beach or pool can help to limit the length of time contaminants like salt, chlorine, and sunscreen are left on the fabric. Sunscreen has an especially negative impact on swimsuits. Minerals in the water can cause discoloration or yellowing over time. Furthermore, chlorine exposure accelerates the fading of colors.

  • Hand wash only

While washing and drying the suit may sufficient for a few wears, you should wash it thoroughly on a frequent basis. Before washing your swimsuit, always check the manufacturer's label for recommended washing settings. While some swimsuits are made of machine-washable fabrics, the majority of swimsuits are best washed by hand. Hand-washing your ladies one piece swimwear can help it retain its luster, form, and longevity.

To properly hand-wash a swimsuit for women, fill a tub with cool to hot water and a teaspoon of mild laundry detergent. Use a detergent designed for delicate or flexible materials if feasible. They keep the colors of these materials brighter and remove hazardous oils and impurities from delicate fibers. If you don't have any mild washing detergent on hand, you may clean your suit using white vinegar or baking soda, both of which are soft enough to clean it properly without destroying it. Just remember not to use each of these items at the very same time; pick one or the other.

As the ladies one piece swimwear is soaked, swirl it around to ensure that the cleaning solution reaches every nook. Allow for a few minutes of soak time, but no more than 30 minutes. Many people feel that washing it for longer makes it cleaner, however soaking it for more than half an hour loosens the fibers in your suit. Rinse your suit with cold, clean water once the 30-minute period has passed, then dry it according to the guidelines below for optimum results.

  • Machine wash if possible

A ladies one piece swimwear should only be cleaned in a washing machine if the maker's instructions indicate that it may be done so. Many swimsuits are only hand-washable due to the delicate nature of the materials used. Putting these suits in the washing machine might ruin or damage them rapidly.

Even if your suit is machine washable, it is still recommended to use the cold setting and a light soap for ladies one piece swimwear to avoid additional wear. If your suit has any embellishments or strings, it's also a good idea to place it in a mesh washing bag so that none of the pieces become stuck or twisted in the machine.

  • Properly dry

In contrast to laundry, while certain ladies one piece swimwear may be machine cleaned, no swimsuit must be dried in a dryer. The high heat in a dryer can cause spandex or Lycra fibers to become stiff. Hanging the swimsuit to dry is also a bad idea since it allows water to gather at the bottom, stretching it out. Hanging the swimsuit on metal rods or clothing hangers might cause it to lose its form or leave rust scars that are difficult to remove. It's also a good idea to avoid drying your swimsuit in direct sunlight, as this might cause color fading prematurely.

  • Safely store 

Keep ladies one piece swimwear in a cool, dry spot, such as your clothing drawer if it's not near a heater. To minimize creases and fading, store garments flat in the off-season, with the tops and bottoms of sets linked in breathable mesh or vacuum bags (you'll thank yourself when summer arrives).


What's the best way to wear a one piece swimwear?

A single long length of elasticized material is used to make one-pieces. Although the stretch allows for some sizing variation, you should still check your torso to ensure the best fit. Your swimsuit may ride up if it is too small or sag if it is too large if you get the wrong size. Check out our size recommendations for ladies one piece swimwear that is snug but not too tight!

With a one-piece swimsuit, what should you wear?

Nova Swimwear has produced a beachwear line to enhance your beach look. Choose from blouses, and outfits that combine well with your ladies one piece swimwear to make yourself look like a genuine fashion model. Accessorizing your outfit is another great way to make it more intriguing. Browse our selection of beach accessories, which includes everything from towels to silicone cup inserts, to create a design that everyone will love.

What materials are used to make one piece swimwear?

Our bikini tops and bottoms, as well as our ladies one piece swimwear, are all made of polyester-based synthetic fabrics. Synthetic materials absorb less water than natural materials and dry faster as a result. These smooth and silky fabrics now have fresh designs and patterns in our online shop.

In ladies one piece swimwear, what is the best material to look for?

The bulk of ladies one piece swimwear is made of a nylon (also known as polyamide) and Lycra or elastane blend (the fabric that gives a suit its stretch). An 80-20 split is ideal for both comfort and longevity: you want your swimwear to have some flexibility while still being able to quickly return to the previous form. Other factors, including as design and the thickness of the material, which isn't always obvious in images, might result in a tighter, more constrictive fit, according to our designer. Another thing to think about is the cosmetic elegance of your swimsuit after you've gone swimming.

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