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When it comes to google ranking factors, it's a no brainer to include website loading speed in your list. Why? If you open a website to obtain information and it takes minutes before you can access the article, then it will make anyone leave immediately to find another site to read on. It will automatically be a bad user experience.

Google found a way to measure the amount of time it takes before a visitor can view the main content of a web page through Largest Contentful Paint.

What is LCP?

Largest Contenful Paint is a measure of how long does it take for a web page to load the largest element until it is visible in the viewport.

LCP deals with a page's loading performance – how fast a page loads. The standard loading time for your LCP to be in the green is for it to load in 2.5 seconds. This is the core web vital closes to site speed which means a lot of webmasters and SEOs already have experience optimizing for this. But there are specifics for this core web vital that you need to know and optimize for.


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