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Vision is like a window to the outer world through which you can look at the world’s happenings. But because of some reasons majority of them are getting eyesight issues like myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism which leads a person to get depend on glasses or lenses. With these emerging technologies in the medical field do you think still it is an irreparable issue? Actually no, there is a special surgery to correct refractive errors of the eye that is Lasik surgery. With Lasik surgery you could improve the eye’s vision and it stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. On the internet, there are a lot of questions about Reasons to opt-in Contoura Lasik to make you know the procedures here it is explained in detail,

How the corneal error will be corrected?

The problem arises when the light traveling inside the cornea has not reached the retina correctly, it either falls before the retina or falls behind the retina person cannot see objects clearly without a lens or glasses. If the corneal power is the reason for refractive issues and if it could be corrected everything will get fine this is where the surgery helps you. During Lasik surgery the surgeon used to creates a corneal flap in the inner layer of the cornea using a microkeratome the excimer laser, and the corneal tissues will be restructed (reshaped) to refocus the eye and the flap is repositioned. The best part is it is a painless surgery and also gives you a quick recovery without affecting your normal activities. But Lasik surgery couldn’t help you with presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness). To prepare for your big day you have to visit your eye doctor for a proper consultation and then you can undergo Lasik surgery. 

Who can get Lasik surgery?

  1. People with and above the age of 18
  2. People who don’t have any ocular or medical contraindications
  3. People who looking to stay far from glasses or lenses

Who can’t get Lasik surgery?

In some cases, it is not advisable to make eye surgery. If you fall into the following categories then you can surely get away from surgery.

  1. You should not perform the treatment if the cornea is too thin
  2. The person should not have any history related to eye infection or glaucoma
  3. Pregnant women should not undergo this treatment
  4. Cone-shaped cornea (keratoconus)
  5. Having any kind of auto-immune disorder like lupus erythematosus or diabetes mellitus

Pre-preparation for Lasik surgery

Before you are getting Lasik surgery you will be prone to conduct eye-related tests which may include measurement of eye pressure, corneal thickness, and refraction. The ophthalmologist will also map your corneal to check whether to confirm everything is right. Before taking a Lasik surgery you will be having a consultation with an ophthalmologist where you could clear doubts if you have anything to ask. If you are a contact lens user then you will be asked to not use them at least 3 days before the evaluation and if suppose you are using gas permeable contact lenses avoid it using them 3 weeks before the evaluation.

Why Lasik Surgery?

  1. Lasik surgery gives you independence from those glasses and lenses
  2. After Lasik surgery 90% of patients have reached their vision goals
  3. No need for bandages or stitches, the cornea automatically gets regenerated
  4. No pain or very little pain will be experienced

How does Lasik surgery work?

This special type of surgery has overtaken all of the old surgeries. To find out the difference, not all laser eye surgery is Lasik but all Lasik surgery is laser eye surgery. The key breakout that will make people select Lasik surgery lies in the energy produced. Hyper-focused ultraviolet light will be used in the laser which will vaporize the targeted cells in the eyes and will cause no damage to the areas being operated and so this is called a cool laser. The incision will allow the eye surgeon to make a fold at the top of the cornea back so that the mapped corneal tissue which is under the outer flap can be targeted easily. Then the unnecessary tissues will be vaporized.

Stages of treatment

Before the surgery

A comprehensive eye exam will be conducted by your doctor. This will mainly include your pressure, inflammation, infection, vision, and eye pupil. Your doctor will pay proper attention to your dry eyes before performing Lasik treatment. Taking a note of the thickness, shape, and contour of the cornea will be done by the doctor.

During the time of surgery

The doctor will make use of the laser to reshape your cornea and the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Local anesthetic eye drops will be given.
  2. Your eyelids will be fixed in a place by the surgeon to keep you from blinking.
  3. To keep your eyes from turning away they will apply a suction ring which will cause a little pressure on your eyes.
  4. Your vision will subside at this point.
  5. A thin flap will be kept over the cornea tissue by your surgeon with the help of a laser or microkeratome.
  6. During the surgical laser, you will be asked to stare at a target so that your eyes will not move.
  7. The laser will be programmed before itself according to the measurement of your eyes and the ophthalmologist will reshape your cornea with the help of the laser.
  8. While the treatment is ongoing you can get a clicking sound. After reshaping your surgeon folds the flap back down.
  9. Finally, the flap will attach itself in two or three minutes and does self-healing

After the time of surgery

  1. To protect your eyes after the surgery for healing you will be asked to bear a see-through shield over your eyes.
  2. Complete wrist will be necessary for your eyes to get relaxed after the surgery is done so you can take a lot of sleep.

After the Lasik surgery is done you may feel itching or burning in your eyes. To reduce the redness and dryness drops will be provided which will heal your eyes. 

  1. To get the best result you have to apply them properly.
  2. Your vision will be improved and make your eyes feel healthy after a few days.

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