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Last-minute Packing Guide for Your House Move

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You should never rely on last-minute packing when it comes to a house move. There is a high risk of accidents when you are in a hurry. However, there are times when you don’t have any option. For example, suppose your landowner asks you to leave your house immediately or within the next 4-5 days.

Or, you need to move your office within a week for emergency purposes. Whatever the reason is, last-minute packing can be extremely overwhelming. Things get even more challenging when you have tons of boxes to pack and no time. But, there’s nothing to worry about. Below we have mentioned a few quick last-minute packing tips everyone should follow for a seamless house move. Let’s get started.

Choose the Right Size Boxes

Start with ordering cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, and other packing accessories. Do not overload the boxes, as it will make it too difficult for the Sydney to Brisbane movers to carry each one into the moving truck. At the same time, you must not leave any empty space in the box. Fill it with linens, pillows, and other light items to keep the weight minimal.

Don’t Mix Items from Different Rooms in the Same Box.

Another common mistake you are likely to make during packing is mixing items from different rooms in one box. Never do that! Not only will it make packing super overwhelming, but mixing accessories from different rooms into one box can make unpacking super challenging. It will take you weeks to arrange your stuff after arriving at your new place. Besides that, packing everything in the same box is never a good idea when you are in a hurry. You should pack your accessories by room.

Tape Your Boxes Well

No matter how soon you need to get to the new destination, you must tape your boxes well. Close the top and the bottom seams thoroughly with the right tapes. You should tape the areas where you have stored sensitive items. Bubble wrap every box for extra protection. You might not get time to pack everything single-handedly, so it’s best to leave the packing part to professionals.

Western Sydney Movers are willing to give you a hand in packing your house accessories. If you don’t have sufficient time to pack everything yourself, consider hiring movers who offer packing services as well.

Get Crates for Expensive and Delicate Items

When you are moving expensive accessories and artwork that need special care, consider using crates instead of local moving boxes. Delicate items must be packed in crates and other robust boxes for the best protection.

Get a Bag for Essentials

While you are packing your house at the last minute, don’t forget to get a bag for essentials. This bag should contain the items you need for the day when you’ve just moved into your new home. You can’t start unpacking each box right after moving in. So, make sure you get a bag for your essentials and keep everything you will need for the next few days.


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