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Looking back, we find that there are three categories of introductions.In the first, the introduction provides improved productivity or performance, usually with minimal, if any, negative impact on existing technology or usage. For example, the first pay generation of personal computers improved computing speed and other data manipulation and gave us the ability to store documents digitally.

In another category, new technology can coexist with existing technologies and uses – electric cars are an example of this category. Based on the current plans of most automakers, gasoline-powered cars will be obsolete; But until then, electric and gas-powered cars will stay together for a while without interfering. Check out equip2go.com.au for more information.

In the third category, new technology or improvement replaces what is currently available over that period of time. In this category, technologies are introduced to improve the facility through improved operation or at low cost, or for safety, such as seat belts, airbags and retrofits that quickly become mandatory. Convenience-enhancing technologies such as Netflix are driven by customer needs, either stated or implied, and market demand. Similarly, music – or a medium for storing movies – evolved from vinyl to cassette to CD digital storage, each with a significant market share from its predecessors.

Here are some interesting examples of how technology-based products are being introduced to society and how they are being introduced.

Automobile: In the early stages of automobiles, three people were required to operate: a person to drive a vehicle, a person walking in front of a car with a flag and a third person carrying a horn in his hand. This introduction allowed pedestrians and riders to stay away from the path of speeding vehicles. Over time, all three functions were integrated into the car itself; Adequate, advance warning to car drivers to avoid a collision is required to withdraw the carriages with warning and warning signs.

Regional Jets: When regional jets were introduced, their performance characteristics differed from traditional commercial aircraft in terms of ascending / descending rates and nominal and maximum speeds. Such performance-characteristic differences require air traffic controllers to learn and understand how to better operate these aircraft in conjunction with the current operation of other aircraft.

Small drones operating at low altitudes (less than 55 lbs and 500 feet, respectively): Small drones have different operational characteristics than conventional aircraft (speed, ascent / descent rate, piloting), enabling their integration into national airspace. Separate setup required. A new design called Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) was developed to safely accommodate small drone operations outside the line of sight at high density. Taking advantage of third-party services for tasks such as construction planning and tracking as well as management, the cooperative focuses on digital purpose-sharing (informs which airspace rather than specifying specific airspace by exception) and allows UTM users to be away from each other. Then to develop and execute their plans.

Large drones (man working with other human aircraft at altitude): Significant research and development efforts were required to determine the requirements for safely enabling large drones in the national airspace system. Without onboard pilots, strategic identification of air-traffic control communications and other traffic should be achieved through automation rather than humans for these drones.When personal computers were first introduced, they needed to be cheap enough, but with enough performance improvements to encourage customers to buy them.


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