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Launch a highly capable Sorare Clone trading exclusive fan moments for football

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With the high effectiveness of NFT in the market, there is various spectrum blooming in the market. Including sports, it is now the major part of the market. Platforms like Sorare are exclusively built to trade football collections. From players' cards, jerseys, videos, and much more that have attracted the attention of the community and majorly the football fans. Eventually, you can also develop your Sorare Clone to trade exclusive sports card collection on your platform with INORU.

Features of Sorare Clone

  1. User-friendly interface 
  2. Extensive leaderboard facilities
  3. Reward systems
  4. Bonus and add on points
  5. Real-time betting facility 
  6. Integrator payment systems 
  7. High-end graphics 
  8. Secured transactions

Funtions of Sorare Clone 

  • The player cards are divided into four tiers in the platforms under the category common, rare, super rare, and unique. 
  • The rare, super rare, and unique cards are sold and traded on the platforms where each card represents the real-world player. 
  • The Common card cannot be traded. 
  • There will be 100rare, 10 super rare, and 1 unique card. It will be released for every season. 
  • The card acts as a virtual team in the space. This is a team of five, one additional player along with one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfield, and one forwards.
  • This team, by participating in the leagues and by winning them, earn rewards and points. 
  • The scores in the game are calculated based on the player in the real-world performances. 
  • They also receive a bonus based on the status of the captain, season, and experience. 
  • The final sum s summed up as a total of all five cards. This determines the win or loos. 

Develop your Sorare Clone with INORU

This card game on the NFT platform is highly competitive in society. If you wish to explore the market with a highly competitive attempt, here you go. Develop your Sorare Clone with INORU. Our customized solution gives you the ability to perform viral among the other marketplaces. Moreover, our white label solutions are highly compatible and easy to fuse in advanced technology and features in the platforms. 

Reach out to INORU to develop and spree the trending market with your Sorare clone, captivating an increased audience's interest in the spectrum.



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