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Creating leads for professional services organizations is quite similar to creating leads for other B2B companies. The fact is that there are certain critical distinctions between the two that may ultimately influence your capacity to close business, boost revenue, and achieve the next level of development.

Lead Generation for Professional Services Firms: What Does It Mean?

As a professional services company, your most valuable asset is your knowledge base. Instead of selling a product or solution, you're selling the knowledge and experience of your firm. In order to attract new customers, you must put your company at the heart of industry discussions across a variety of media outlets.

However, increasing awareness among important consumers at the top of the sales funnel is just one aspect of the strategy. You also need to interact with audiences farther down the funnel, at the point when prospects become qualified leads, in order to be successful.

When it comes to search marketing, you have the flexibility to target certain consumers at various stages of the sales cycle. By doing segmented keyword research, you may uncover themes and phrases that are important to prospects at the top of the sales funnel or leads who are closer to signing a contract — whichever stage of the sales funnel you like.

The phrase “small business accounting tips” might be useful for targeting prospects who aren't sure whether or not they require accounting services, whereas the phrase “selecting an accounting firm” might be more appropriate for targeting prospects who are actively seeking professional accounting services, such as tax preparation.

1. Public relations that is data-driven.

The production of unique data insights helps to create authority and thought leadership among audiences in the professional services industry. In most cases, data-driven campaigns feature research and insights that emphasize your expertise in areas that are crucial to your company's operations, which are derived from surveys of executives and other industry players.

What is it about data studies that makes them such an excellent lead-generating technique for professional services? Digital marketing approaches that direct users to specialized landing pages help to boost the value of data-driven insights. When consumers visit the landing page and request to receive the report, your business development team is able to collect contact information from them, which helps them qualify for leads.

2. The use of social media

Social networking may assist you in developing an industry following for your company. If you actively participate in relevant industry discussions on social media platforms, you can place your company at the forefront of emerging trends and subjects that are important to your target audience.

However, social media may have a purpose other than just increasing business recognition. Remember those landing sites that invited visitors to fill out a form in order to get a data report? Professional services organizations benefit from social media in a variety of ways, including increasing traffic to assets that result in higher lead production.

3. Case Studies

In the professional services industry, case studies are the bread and butter of lead generation efforts. Rather than just informing target audience segments about your organization, case studies highlight how your firm accomplishes outcomes for customers with a comparable set of circumstances.

Professional services organizations often employ case studies not just to create leads, but also to take leads one step closer to signing a contract with the company. When used in conjunction with other public relations and digital marketing strategies, case studies may be one of the most effective promotional tools in your arsenal.

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