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Do you know what file types and extensions are used by QuickBooks? Well, QuickBooks Desktop is a top-notch accounting software preferred by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It is a software which is used by both small as well as medium-sized companies. Now, as it is used by so many different companies and the regions as well, the preferred file formats are pretty varied from one another, there are a handful of file types and extensions that are used by QuickBooks Desktop. So, in this scoop, we will go through all of the important and commonly used file types and extensions. Thus, make sure to hang around till the end.

What is QuickBooks file extension?

QuickBooks file extension is basically the extension used at the end of the file name, which defines the purpose of the file. It is generally in the form .xxx. The QB file extension basically will help you in identifying the files and finding out the what purpose is to be served by each of the files. QuickBooks file extensions are essential for you so as to identify the file and avoid any kind of mess related to the data.

How significant are QuickBooks file extensions?

It should be noted that the every QuickBooks file extension carries a different significance and server different purpose. Let us check out how significant are file extensions:

Determining the type of content a particular file is containing becomes easy for users with extensions.

With extensions, it is possible for you to categorize the same kind of the QuickBooks file extension to keep the accounting data categorized and prevent data from merging.

The extensions help in identifying the file type, which can ultimately help the desktop to launch the file in the right application.

They also assist in verifying the authentication of data files in a manner to secure them.

By simply looking at the file extension, you will be able to identify the file type and save a lot of time.

Types of File Extensions in QuickBooks Desktop

There are different types of file extensions that can be explored from below. Extensions related to similar files are categorized below:

Common QuickBooks File Extensions

File Extension File Type Description

QBW QuickBooks company file When you creates a company file, at that very time a file with .qbw extension is automatically created by the QuickBooks accounting software. The file so created basically holds the company file and the other relevant account info. To understand it in a better way, let us take an example, if you create a company with the name Mycompany, then in that case the file will be saved as Mycompany.qbw by QuickBooks accounting software.

QBO QuickBooks Bank statement file During the process of downloading transaction from the bank, the QuickBooks accounting software opens the transactions from a file with an extension as .qbo. You can easily import a QBO file, in order to get transactions into the bank register in a faster way.

QBB QuickBooks backup file The .qbb extension file, a backup file is crafted by the QuickBooks accounting software, when you takes a backup of the original company file.

QBM QuickBooks portable file Talking about this extension, when a user tries to email or transfer a company file, in that situation the QuickBooks accounting software crafts .qbm extension file, which is a compressed version of a company file.

Additional QuickBooks files

File Extension File Type Description

QWC QuickBooks Web connector file If you use the QuickBooks Web connector, then you might be required to open apps. When the web connector app is opened up by the third party developers, a file with .qwc file extension is crafted.

QBR QuickBooks Report Template File In case you export a memorized report template, QuickBooks software creates a file with the extension as .qbr

DES Layout Designer Template file In case you export a customized form template, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with .des extension. QuickBooks offers a variety of templates. You might have to export the custom templates to use in the other company files or share with others.

Qbstbl2.usa US Tax Table File If you run payroll in QuickBooks desktop, then you will be required to get the current tax tables. It has all of the latest payroll information required to calculate the payroll taxes.

Accountant files

File Extension File Type Description( quickbooks error 108 )

QBX Accountant’s review copy (export file) At the time while you generate an accountant’s review copy of QuickBooks company file, the QuickBooks software generates an accountant’s review copy with a QBX extension.

QBJ General journal entries file In case you want to add journal entries created by the accountant, then ask them to send a general journal entries file. This file comes with a .qbj extension.

QBA Accountant’s copy file An accountant copy is considered to be a file with .qbx extension sent by a client to the accountant for review purpose. This file comes with an extension as .qba

QBY Accountant’s copy import file Once the accountant reviews their account copy and makes necessary changes, they send a file with .qby extension to users. You can easily import or apply changes to the company file.

Utility and log files

File Extension File Type Description

IIF Intuit interchange format file When you export the list info, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with an .iif extension. You can make use of this file to share the lists with other company files.

LOG Event log file .log extension is used by QuickBooks to record essential events. There can be two types of Log files:

# Qbwin.log: this records the issues that are detected during a rebuild.

# QWC.log: it records the web connect errors It should be noted that the log files can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

QBP QuickBooks Print file When you set the printing preferences, the QuickBooks software saves them in a file with the extension as .qbp. It should be noted that QuickBooks auto-saves the settings. However, you might be required to make changes to the file, in case of printer issues.

ECML Entitlement file At the time when you install and register QuickBooks, it creates an .ecml file extension. This file communicates to QuickBooks that you are using a licensed product.

TLG Transaction log file Since the last backup, any changes made to the company file are noticed by the QuickBooks accounting software. This software saves the information into a file, which is named with .tlg extension. The next time you take a backup of the company file, QB will automatically reset the file.

ND Network data file In case of multi user mode, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with .nd as the extension. This .nd file helps the software in managing the user access settings.

QuickBooks statement writer files

File extension File type

QSS When you customize the statements and reports with QuickBooks statement writer, the software saves the settings in a file with .qss as the extension. You can make use of this file, in order to apply settings to other reports.

QSM In case you make use of the QuickBooks statement writer, the software saves the information with .qsm extension. QSW file can be used in MS EXCEL.

QST If a specific layout is required by you, a template file can be used, which is already available. These files generally have .qst as an extension.

QuickBooks for MAC

File Extension File Type Description

QB2016 Company file This is the company file for the 2016 version of QuickBooks for Mac.

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