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So, what is LTL Transport? Perhaps you've heard of it before and want to know more about it. Perhaps you have cargo that you want LTL Transport but are simply not large enough to fit into a pickup truck. If you're like many trucking brokers, you count on LTL transportation to get your goods to share the open ride with others – goods heading in the same direction as you.

How it Works:

How does LTL shipping work? There are several ways. One way is by using your trucks to transport freight, which you might have already done for some shipments. You can also rent a truck from one of your local companies and arrange to deliver the load to your customer on your behalf. Or, if you want to save time and money, you can order a pallet, stack, or rack of shipping containers, arrange them on your pickup truck and drive to the customer. Depending on your needs, you can even choose a location in which to pick up and drop off the load.

The next question is: Exactly what is an LTL shipment? In a nutshell, it's a means by which a shopper can save on time, expense and risk, by having its freight shipments picked up at a destination, shipped to their ultimate destination, and then quickly routed to their final destination. With a basic freight service, a shipper makes one shipment and puts it in a box. That's it; no tracking or insurance means no cost-effective way of keeping your shipment safe.

Alternative Route:

For those companies and individuals that do ship themselves, there is also an alternative route. This route is achieved by using freight brokerage firms to assist you in moving your loads. Freight brokerage firms will act as third-party contractors for both you and the carrier. They will oversee all aspects of the transportation of your goods – from picking up your shipment from the door to its unloading at the new location. By using freight brokerage firms, you get the most value out of your money – avoiding costly mistakes in shipment placement, shipper mispricing, and so on.

Some people think that sending their goods by freight ship is expensive, particularly in comparison to air shipping. However, the truth is that LTL (less than truckload shipping) can save you money and still give you great service. Shippers using LTL services can reduce their shipping costs while giving you more flexibility in your shipping destination and shipper contacts. Because it's less expensive than truckload shipping, LTL shipments take longer to make, making you spend less in the long run because you avoid having to spend money on fuel expenses.

Another reason why LTL is the best option is that carriers such as Alaska Post use their trucks for international shipments. They have experience handling shipments coming from major East and West coast countries. LTL companies offer more efficient services because they know exactly how to pack your items into pallets that can be shipped using ocean freight. Moreover, shippers can track their shipments using an online tracking system, while choosing the best carrier and schedule to avoid last-minute surprises.

Once your shipment arrives, check the shipment and ensure that it arrived on time. LTL companies offer tracking on all shipments and even offer a guaranteed freight class (first in line) service. If there are any mistakes made during the packing process or the entire transportation of the goods, then you'll be charged for the entire cost of the goods. If the shipment did not arrive on the required date, then you will need to notify the company and refund all fees. Guaranteed freight class shipments are available for all types of shipments, including hazardous materials and international shipments.

LTL (less than truckload) transport trucks are ideal for short-distance cross-country deliveries because they can carry heavier loads without any difficulty. Depending on the route you choose to take and on the overall weight of your load, and LTL rail transport truck could transport up to 15,000 pounds of freight or more. LTL rail carriers can also haul refrigerated trailers, over-the-road bulk loads, and oversized loads. Depending on the type of goods you are transporting, a shorter LTL rail shipping method might be your only option, especially if the distance between points where you'll be transporting your cargo and the delivery terminal is far apart. We also do Email Marketing for different businesses.


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