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Learn All About Podcast Hosting Platforms

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A podcast is a digital program or file of recorded audio or videos. These programs are either live or downloaded from the internet. One can see and listen to different types of podcasts. Some of the famous categories of podcasts are entertainment podcasts, educational podcasts, enlightening podcasts, business podcasts, etc. One can choose easily from their favorite segment. The podcast is not only for the viewers and listeners but for the creative minds too. There are many Podcast Hosting Platforms available in the digital market. You can choose either of them that suits your conditions and demands. This blog will discuss the necessary points about podcast hosting platforms.

The Podcast Hosting:   

Podcast Hosting is the space available online to upload or store media files. It is also a platform for launching and sharing episodes. The podcaster can share with distributors via RSS feed or direct. This platform is a good place for optimizing podcast episodes. Generally are the two main types for hosting the podcast. One is through a hosting platform, and another is on your website. The followings are the main points to consider when looking for a podcast hosting platform.

Frequency and Store: 

It depends upon your episode’s length that which platform will publish your podcast. It is noticeable that the package will determine the publication too. Some Podcast Hosting Platforms have low frequency in terms of publishing the podcast. Some have good records of storing the files. The podcaster should choose a platform that suits them. 


It is one of the essential points for the podcaster. The report about the podcast episodes and their data should verify. The data verification authority like Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) should come in priority that sets the industry standard for downloads and weeds out bots and other analytics killers. The timely performance metrics, like seven(7) days, 30 days, and 90 days should check the number of subscribers, listeners, and downloads.


Monetization for your podcast is as crucial as breath for surviving. Initially, your episodes may take time to monetize. The advantage of  Podcast Hosting Platforms is they offer good ad and sponsorship opportunities. You can add extra features like paid membership and donation buttons.


Planning and marketing strategies for your podcast counted among your top priorities. The hosting platform and the website you choose for the promotion must sync so that the podcasts can be available to your subscribers and listeners. The quality of content in your podcast can repurpose.


The above-given are a few yet crucial points for consideration regarding podcast and Podcast Hosting Platforms. Disctopia is a platform for creative minds who want to show their ability to the world. 

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