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Learn How to Make Doormats with Cricut

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Doormats can help to protect your tile, carpet, or wood floors from unsightly and unhealthy contaminants and keep your floors clean for longer. Doormats can help create an inviting welcome to your home, but do they have any effect other than looking good? Here we take the most important reasons every door in your home should have doormats.

Protect your carpets from dirt, mud, and water: One obvious benefit of doormats on every door in your home is encouraging your family and visitors to wipe their feet and prevent mud and dirt from being tracked into your home. Up to 75% of dirt and grime in the carpet gets deposited. While every kind of particle can accumulate on the bottom of shoes and be brought inside the carpet and floors, doormats provide the first level of protection against dirt and dust entering your home.

Protect your carpets from germs and pollutants: The dirt, dust, and mud inside your home are not only unsightly, but it is also a possible source of germs, contaminants, and disease-causing particles. These germs and pollutants can accumulate within your carpet fibers or be absorbed into the grout of your tiles and require a thorough carpet cleaning to remove them. Doormats help remove dirt and grime from your shoes that could otherwise carry germs into your home.

Reduce carpet maintenance: The extra dirt and dust that gets into your home on visitors’ shoes can mean that you need to vacuum and deep clean your carpets, tiles, or floorboards more often to create a clean and healthy condition inside. Carpet cleaning and tile cleaning are generally recommended twice per year. However, failing to use doormats on your door can increase cleaning up to four times per year.

The protection: One of the best benefits of doormats to your home is to increase the safety of your home and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Rainy weather can mean water enters your home, and water mixed with tiled or hardwood floors in your home can mean slips, falls, and an increased risk of injury. Doormats help collect water and mud before they enter your home and keep your home clean.

Protection of indoor air quality: Along with dirt, dust, chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants on shoes trapped in the crevices of carpets and floors, these particles can cause problems for indoor air quality and can be inhaled during regular traffic or vacuuming, increasing indoor pollution levels and causing asthma, allergies, and sensitivities problems. Doormats can help capture these pollutants and prevent them from affecting the air quality in your home.

Find this doormat project at the Cricut design space, and use it as a template to customize. Such a simple and fun to add character to your front door; If you want to learn how to make a doormat with Cricut, this tutorial is for you. 

Supply needed: Cricut Explore 3, Cricut EasyPress 2, Smart Iron-On, White, Weeding Tool, Material Trimmer, Sisal Door Mat, Black Paint, Bristle Paint Brush.

Step 1- After opening the project, tap “Customize” to edit the name in the lower right corner.

Step 2- The project will open on the canvas, where you’ll see the project as editable. Double-tap on “The Johnson,” and you’ll see a text box pop open. Enter your name here.

Step 3- Hello text is an image, so the font can’t be changed, but if you want to change the font of the surname below Hello, tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen that says, “Font.”

Step 4- You will now be able to search through hundreds of fonts in the Cricut library available.

Step 5- Select whichever font you like best, or stick with the Futura LT Extra Bold in the original design. Once you’re happy with your design, choose both Hello and your text and tap “Attach.” By pressing “Attach,” you tell the software that you want the machine to cut everything precisely as you see it on the canvas.

Step 6- Wow! Now you are ready to cut. Tap “Make it” in the upper right corner to continue.

Step 7- The software will send the information from the Design Space to your Cricut machine. Ensure you choose “Mirror” on the cut screen as you will be using the iron-on for the stencil. Follow the prompts to continue cutting.

Step 8- Once cut, take off your material and remove the excess iron-on from around the letters. We call this process “Weeding.” Since we’re making a stencil, we’ll remove the areas we want the paint to go on our mat. In this example, that means we will remove the words.

Step 9- Now it is time to heat press the iron-on onto the sisal mat. Lay down your iron on the mat and use less heat while moving the Cricut EasyPress across the surface.

Step 10- We’re breaking the rules a bit here. Usually, you want it to adhere entirely to the surface with an iron-on, so it’s best to follow the Cricut Heat Guide. Although we’ll be using the iron-on as a stencil and removing it after painting, we’re only going to adhere enough of it to get nice crisp lines.

Step 11- This process will take some time. Expect some cycles of heat-then-peel to remove the backer.

Step 12- When the backer is removed, it’s time to paint. Squeeze your paint directly onto the surface of the open areas on the mat where the text will be. Use the bristle paintbrush in up and down directions to bring the paint down into the mat fibers. Continue until you are satisfied with the color.

Step 13-  Let dry and then remove the iron-on stencil. Look at those crisp lines. We like to use Iron-on as a stencil on this kind of surface. We would not recommend using Iron-on as a stencil to any base where the Iron-on will adhere completely. And that’s all. Now you know how to make a doormat with paint and Cricuts.

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Source :- https://cricutdesignsetup.com/learn-how-to-make-doormats-with-cricut/




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