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Learn How to Make Money with Jeff Lerner Digital Real Estate

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Money plays an essential part in anyone’s life. You need it to buy a house, a car, food, pay your bills, take a vacation, or take care of your health. It’s undeniable that you can’t live without money, and the more you have, the more you would want to have. Becoming a millionaire is anyone’s dream, but only a few people have managed to make it come true. However, reaching a multi-digit fortune is not impossible; all the millionaires in Forbes are living proof of that.

While some found it more challenging, it was much more straightforward for others, especially considering all the opportunities nowadays. For Jeff Lerner digital real estate agent, things were rough initially, and it took years of hard work to get to where he is today. His book, “The Millionaire Shortcut,” promotes the idea that anyone can become a millionaire if they put their mind to it. Is it true, or is it just another scam to make someone rich on behalf of others? Let’s have a look at what he suggests you should do if you want to increase your income.

A Few Words on Digital Real Estate

Similar to real-life real estate, the digital type involves properties that exist in the virtual world. However, it doesn’t include houses and lands, but other types of assets, like:

–        Domains, which are websites without owners

–        Apps for smartphones, computers, or tablets

–        Digital products like eBooks, motivational courses, or training classes

–        Websites such as blogs, online stores, or affiliate sites.

The main advantage of owning digital real estate is the small cost compared to real-life properties that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You only need a few hundred in the digital section to get started. Also, you can create a continuous cash flow by selling your digital properties wisely.

People who deal with digital real estate say that dealing with digital properties is less hassle than having to market and sell actual properties. The most attractive part is that you can handle it and make money without leaving your home. All you need is a laptop and some skills that can be quickly learned from online courses or books like “The Millionaire Shortcut.” The writer, Jeff Lerner digital real estate, knows how to make a profit online and is willing to teach you, too.

Who is Jeff Lerner Digital Real Estate?

First, let’s learn more about who Jeff Lerner Digital Real Estate is. He is the founder and CEO of the Entre Institute platform, that teaches how to create a business and make a lot of money from it. Considering he made a fortune from scratch, we can assume he knows his drill. What makes him feel natural and legit is that he didn’t inherit vast sums of money or win the national lottery. He had to work hard for every penny and used his head to find a comfortable and safe way of making money.

As a child, he dropped out of school and started playing piano jazz to make a living. He then gathered all his earnings, took a business loan, and invested everything in several pita franchises. Years later, he was in considerable debt, around $ 400,000, to be exact. He had hit rock bottom and decided his life needed to take a drastic turn. When he ended up living in a bedroom at his in-laws’, he started looking for ways to make money online. Given the expansion of the internet, using it as an income source seemed like an excellent idea, and it turned out to be one.

He started with digital marketing and got so good at it that he soon made good money. He developed coaching programs that taught people how to buy digital assets and resell or reinvest in them to make easy money quickly. If you look at it closely, it might seem too good to be true, but what Jeff Lerner digital estate is today will convince you that it is possible. Later, he approached e-commerce and created a digital marketing agency that brought him millions of dollars. In 2019, he developed the Entre Institute, his most fruitful creation. The first course sold rapidly, so he started making money almost instantly. With a few small investments, he reached out to many people willing to learn e-marketing from him.

His program contains multiple courses that can be purchased for specific amounts of money. The book “The Millionaire Shortcut” was sold in millions of copies and is now given for free through a set of ads he owns. Once you click the ad and submit your email address, you will have to buy the course and receive a copy of his book via email. His principle is straightforward: find a millionaire and do what they did. Focus on your skills and eliminate variables that keep you from achieving constancy. His book is also a marketing tactic for himself, as he promotes finding a financial mentor to guide you on your path toward making millions. Talk about making smart cash.

jeff lerner digital real estate

Ways to Make Money from Digital Real Estate

Things are simple when it comes to making money online, as Jeff Lerner digital real estate preaches in his courses. The primary income source is buying a domain for a website. This practice is relatively new, as the first site domain was purchased in 1995. Before that, all the websites were free. The price is low since you can pay monthly or for a year-long registration. The catch is to buy a domain with a name that will attract attention to your website, thus making it a valuable online asset.

Another method is building a website and earning money from ads revenue. Pay-per-click is a common way of making money by affiliating your website with other sites and having visitors click on your affiliates so that you will receive money from them. All in all, in this digital era, making money online has become a common fact, and more and more people are taking advantage of it. You can too, and one short path to success can be found in the book “The Millionaire Shortcut.”


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