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For those who have kidney disease, you will know how dire it is to inhibit kidney failure. Kidney failure can be both impermanent and permanent. This can be identified as acute kidney failure/acute renal failure or chronic kidney disease. With acute kidney failure, utility of the kidneys is speedily lost and can befall from several pressures on the body, maximum of which are linked to diet. Others are indirectly linked to diet, being brought on by another ailment or disease. Here are several diverse classifications of acute kidney disease and is generalized into the following groupings:

Common pre-renal reasons of kidney disease

  • dehydration from surplus fluid loss (diarrhea, flu, gastroenteritis, sweating)
  • dryness from lack of fluid consumption
  • hypovolemia from surplus blood loss
  • impediment of kidney arteries and veins instigating inconsistent blood flow
  • pain killers, other medicine and excess sodium/potassium/protein

Common post-renal reasons of renal failure

  • Having any constraint in the bladder can cause back-flow to the kidneys. This can cause a sequence of events, from infection to totally injuring the kidneys because of the additional pressure.
  • Obstructions, cysts, tumors in the stomach can form impediments around the ureters.
  • Other age linked obstructions, including cancers and other tumors around the bladder
  • Having kidney stones do not straightaway affect the kidney failure, but do upsurge the risk, but having loads of additional strain on the kidneys.

Common causes of kidney damage

  • Toxic medicines are found in certain antibiotics, ibuprofen, some anti-inflammatory drugs, iodine and radiology medicines.
  • Sepsis can happen if the body's immune system is combating infection. This can cause the kidneys to shut down consequently.
  • Muscle breakdown can cause muscle fibers which are impaired to clog percolation of the kidneys. This can typically start by severe trauma and burns to the body.
  • inflammation of the kidney purifying system – the glomeruli

Common causes of chronic kidney failure

  • Several difficulties listed above can bring about chronic kidney failure
  • continual high blood pressure
  • individuals having diabetes
  • chronic glomerulonephritis
  • kidney stones
  • prostate infection or prostate cancer
  • reflux nephropathy
  • polycystic conditions

It is tremendously significant, that even if you feel the beginning of kidney failure as being an option, to radically change your diet to help ease the load and straining on your kidneys. Also, you can opt for treatment of stem cell for kidney failure.


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