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Learn to Hide Any files or Folders on Your Chromebook

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Computers, tablets, and mobile devices have made our lives much more comfortable and easier in every aspect. Whether you want to book a cab, attend a lecture, or watch your favorite show or movie, you can do all that with just a single tap or click on your devices. We now use our smartphones and computers to store all our important documents, and this way, we can easily access our data at any time we want. But don’t you think we should be extra careful while storing and accessing our data on any of our devices. Well, if you use a shared device, you might want to keep your data hidden so that no one but only you can access it. And thankfully, all the smart devices come with multiple security features that you can easily use to enhance the protection of your data.

Chromebooks also consist of multiple security options that anyone can easily use. Chromebooks are devices that might seem like traditional Windows or Mac computers, but they actually function a bit differently. These computers run Chrome OS, which is Google Chrome’s operating system, and they are designed to help you get things done in an easier and faster manner. Also, you can easily hide any files or folders on a Chromebook device. Don’t know how to do so? If you want to see how any Chromebook user can hide any files or folder on their device, please go through this post.

Hiding any file or folder on a Chromebook device

Chromebooks are the best alternatives to Windows and Mac computers, and they can be easily used to perform any computing task. Also, you can easily hide any files or folders on your device for enhanced privacy and protection of your data. If you are a new user of a Chromebook computer, you might not know how to do so. And to make the task easy for you, here, we have mentioned a step-wise technique that you can easily follow to hide any files and folders on your Chromebook device. Also, before we get started with the task of hiding any files and folders on a Chromebook computer, you must know that you can also create new user accounts for the guests if you share your device with others. 

It is pretty easy for any Chromebook user to create guest user accounts on their device. The following option ensures that the guest user using your device gets a whole new user space, which guarantees your privacy. So, now, without any delays, let’s see the method you will have to follow to hide any files and folders on your Chromebook device.

Method to hide any files and folders on a Chromebook computer

Here are the steps that you are advised to follow to hide any files and folders on your Chromebook device:

  • To hide any files and folders on your Chromebook device, you will first need to launch the “Files” app.
  • To do so, go to the bottom left corner of your screen to click the App Launcher. From the options appearing on your screen, click the “Files” app icon.
  • After you get to the Files app screen, scroll down to locate the file or folder you would like to hide and click on the three-dotted menu icon given at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the context menu that opens up on your screen, you will select the “Show Hidden Files” option. This might seem the opposite of exactly what you are trying to do, but trust us and stick with us.
  • Now, you will have to do a right-click on the file or folder you would like to hide and pick the option of “Rename” from the menu appearing on your screen.
  • Proceed with the task by adding a period at the beginning of the name and then press the enter key.
  • Next, you must click on the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner again. And now, you will have to unselect the option of “Show Hidden Files.” And that’s it.
  • Now the files and folders you renamed will get disappeared from the list.

If you want, you can also unhide the hidden files and folders on your Chromebook device. For this, you must follow the instructions that are given below:

Instructions to view hidden files and folders on a Chromebook

Go through the instructions given here to view the hidden files and folders on your Chromebook computer:

  • First of all, you will have to navigate to the folder where you have hidden files. And then, click on the three-dotted menu icon located in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • From the context menu that you can see on your screen, select “Show Hidden Files,” after which you will be able to view all hidden files on your screen.


So, these were the procedures to hide any files and folders on Chromebook computers. You have also learned how you can view the hidden files. So, go on and follow the method. And if you want to know more about these devices, you can go through our official website.

Visit: webroot.com/safe

Source: https://gs1webroot.com/learn-to-hide-any-files-or-folders-on-your-chromebook/



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