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Looking at the two not too big energy sword, Yiluo did not dare to look down upon, she is very clear, if only by the size of the shape to judge, then she is very wrong, this is a high compression of the energy attack, compared to those who look like a huge attack, do not know how many times stronger, this is only the holy king and the devil can send out the attack ah! Fighting with the Demon King, Yiluo did not dare to be as careless as when she fought with Leng Mo. While creating and destroying attacks, she had already recruited Chiyou, and successfully completed the combination! Unlike 60 years ago, the combination of Yiluo and Chiyou is mainly based on Chiyou. Chiyou has a great influence on Yiluo! In more than 30 years with Leng Mo in Yiqi, Leng Mo helped her correct this mistake. Now the combination is based on Yiluo. It is precisely because of this that Chiyou's desire for power and money will no longer affect Yiluo! After the combination of Yiluo, the body surface more than a layer of dark armor, all over the black fog, black fog from time to time out of a crystal blue light! In the face of the energy sword from the left and right respectively, Yiluo did not dare to drag big, hands slightly between a minute, two dark space collapse appeared! Silent, two energy swords, so eerily disappeared in the space collapse, two groups of space collapse, as if filled by two energy swords in general, instantly recovered. Seeing Yiluo so easily defused the joint attack of the two men, the Holy King and the Demon King could not help but be frightened at the same time, although it was not the strongest attack of the two of them just now, but. That is the light and strength of the attack at the same time ah, its power, has not been weak with two people to attack with all their strength! Shocked to look at Yiluo, creation and destruction know that after a hundred thousand years of separation, this human hero has made great progress, the extent of its progress is still above the two, if not together, a single battle, they may lose ah! Do not dare to go on, here is the battlefield, this is a battle, this is not a game, they have to do, is to destroy Yiluo as soon as possible, destroy the Alaso line,die casting parts, otherwise, the loss of the eastern front will be in vain. Think of here, creation and destruction at the same time showed a dignified look, at the same time raised his hands, suddenly. The boundless energy of light and darkness is surging up. Feeling the raging energy, looking at the solemn expression and posture of the Holy King and the Demon King, Yiluo's heart could not help but jump fiercely, this image she was too familiar with, she did not expect, creation and destruction, unexpectedly so soon launched the ultimate stunt, it seems. They also want to make a quick decision! One hundred thousand years ago, Yiluo and the holy king in the battle, the holy king is relying on this move, hit Yiluo, although it is inevitable that he was injured and defeated, but this shows the power of this move! That year's World War I, in fact, strictly speaking, is a lose-lose, but. Once the holy king is seriously wounded and unable to fight again, deep draw stamping ,deep draw stamping, the holy clan will retreat, so on the surface, it seems that Yiluo has won, but in fact, the reason why Yiluo can escape is mainly because Chiyou sacrificed and blocked the sun sword of the holy king with all his strength, so Yiluo can leave a life, otherwise, she will probably be like the holy king, seriously wounded and difficult to heal! Now, Yiluo has to face, is no longer a sword of the sun, at the same time, she has to face the strength is not weak and the holy king of the devil issued by the light of destruction, this is absolutely not what she can do now! Although in the past 30 years, under the guidance of Leng Mo, she has made a lot of progress, but the Holy King and the Demon King are absolutely not idle, they are also making progress, and. The power of two people together, is no longer what she can contend with, light and darkness together, its effect is not one plus one equals two so simple! Looking back at the city and looking up at his brother, Yiluo could not help sighing, in order to protect these brothers of Leng Mo, the only thing she can do now is to deal with it with all her strength! Slowly open your arms, Yiluo looked up to the sky, suddenly. Surging gray energy, surging out of her body, in a twinkling of an eye. There is a gray mist between heaven and earth! Long black hair, in the back of Yiluo's head violently flying, floating, at the same time. With Yiluo as the center, a huge space collapsed and gradually formed! There is no doubt that this is definitely not Yiluo's strongest attack, not even in the top three, but. This is the best absorptive attack, only this move, Yiluo can attract all the damage to their own body, if you use other combat skills, the energy generated by the impact, will be behind her anti-day warriors, all the impact into ashes, God of war level contest, is not the average person can imagine! Sword of the Sun! The light of destruction! Two roars sounded in the sky at the same time, with two roars, from the distant sky, suddenly appeared a huge light column, a huge sword-shaped light column, with the momentum of the sky, proudly toward Yiluo bombarded the past. At the same time, around and behind the giant lightsaber, tens of millions of smaller golden lightsabers rained down on Yiluo's position, yes. This is the most powerful skill of the Holy King of the Holy Clan-the Sword of the Sun! Chi la. Chi la. Chi la. At the same time as the Sword of the Sun appeared, on the other side.. A dark, with purple light of the black line, is slowly, dignified from the hands of the destruction of the spray out, slurping sound, quickly devouring all the energy in the surrounding space, surging energy, even the soldiers on the ground are frightened to open their mouths, this is absolutely enough to destroy the energy ah! Worthy of the light of destruction! Boom! In the loud noise, the first attack is the sword of the sun, a huge lightsaber, a deadly bombardment on the body of Yiluo, in the violent roar, following the small golden lightsaber behind the sword of the sun, it rained down on Yiluo,alloy die casting, in the violent roar, the energy rolled wildly, and the momentum was earth-shaking!. autoparts-dx.com


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