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Legend of Little Soldier

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Tang Long, who knew there was nothing he could do, shrugged helplessly and said, “They are all second-class goods, that is, the kind of'better ‘that Liwen said.”. A total of 20 ships, 2 million tons of frozen fish and 10 ships were transported. One million tons of frozen mutton, 20 frozen chickens and ducks, 20 frozen pork, and 29 frozen beef 2900000 tons. Hearing the information from Tang Long, Phyllis took out her calculator with a lightning-like movement and began to calculate: “One ton equals one million grams, sold at the lowest price of the government, one ton.” It can sell 4 million, and a ship of 100,000 tons can sell 400 billion. At this point, Phyllis suddenly raised her head and shouted to Tang Long, “Boss, your 29 frozen beef ships alone can sell nearly 12 trillion!” Tang Long's chin immediately fell off with a snap, although as early as he heard that the market price of starfish beef was actually 16 yuan for 100 grams, he realized that he could make a lot of money. I didn't think To sell to the lowest price of 100 grams of four yuan to buy government departments, beef alone can sell 12 trillion, although Tang Long does not care much about money,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but now still feel their heart. Jump faster. Tang Long swallowed his saliva and asked hesitantly, “Is there any miscalculation?”? It can't be that much, right? Fei Li, who was desperately tapping on the computer, said without raising her head: “How can it be possible to miscalculate?”? The boss can sell all the goods for more than four trillion yuan this time, if not to the government. Government, but sold to those big companies, will be more than 80 trillion. Well, after deducting the cost of the boss's purchase.. Say this,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Fei Li asks to Tang Long: “Boss, how much is your cost price?” Tang Long winked and said, “The cost of transportation is ten yuan a ton.” “What about the cost of meat products?” Phyllis froze for a moment and asked again. It's like ten thousand yuan a ton, and most of it is produced by my farm, so it doesn't cost much. Tang Long thought for a moment and said. Ten thousand a ton? Oh, my God! That is to say, you can earn as much as you sell this time. Phyllis asked in surprise. Well, it should be. Tang Long nodded. I wonder who the boss is going to sell it to? But I can tell the boss that those companies absolutely do not have so much money to buy your goods, they all add up, also hoard. It has accumulated more than 100000 tons of meat products. Said Phyllis. Eh? Why is your company so small? Tang Long asked curiously. Phyllis sighed, “It's still young. Each of their companies has hundreds of billions of yuan. Unfortunately, the goods you brought are enough for the people of Pluto to eat for a year, according to these materials.” Yield? I'm afraid you need a planet farm to produce it. Tang Long nodded, Zhongzhou Star is indeed a planet farm, there is almost no heavy industry on the entire planet, Sex Enhancement Powder ,S Adenosyl Methionine, all animal husbandry and fish farming. It seems that Yuna has to build up the factories stolen from the Red Lion Star, but Yuna should already be busy with this, right? Hee hee, 100 billion assets are regarded as big. Company, that Chen Kang that can produce thousands of warships company, is not the universe super big company? Thinking of this, Tang Long suddenly shook, according to Chen Kang, his company was newly established, but when he bought the warship, he hardly heard him say that he needed time to make the warship. It just says how many days it will take to get there. Does this not mean that his company has many warships, or that their company has the ability to produce thousands of warships annually? Will such a company be a new company? And will the arms companies demand control of your economy? Tang Long, who felt this, further deepened his doubts about Chen Kang. Boss, you haven't said who you want to sell it to. Fei Li saw Tang Long in a daze and asked again. Tang Long, who was awakened, was a little curious and asked, “Since those companies don't have so much money to buy, they can only sell to the government, but does the government have so much money?” Phyllis smiled beautifully. She said to Tang Long with a smile, “Boss, don't you know that the Hades Federation is the richest country in the galaxy without chaos?”? Fifty or sixty trillion yuan of capital, The material coordination department can still take it out. It is not that the Government has no way to deal with those companies, but that it is afraid of being pushed down on the charge of participating in commercial activities, so it has not taken action! Hearing this, Tang Long froze for a moment and secretly scolded himself for being an idiot. Last time, Red Lion Star could not take away more than 30 trillion yuan of funds, as well as more than 20 trillion yuan of funds collected from the Tang family after it occupied Zhongzhou Star. These seemingly backward planets, all There are tens of trillions of money in existence. Will a country like Pluto, which looks like a developed planet, have no money? No one will believe it. Just when Tang Long was embarrassed to say something, a middle-aged fat man with several big men came to Tang Long, but before he got close, he was guarded by Tang Long who was on guard around him. Wei stopped it. The fat man didn't care. He opened his mouth and shouted, “Hey!”! Boss Tang, I'm the manager of Cami Company. I have something to discuss with you. Tang Long glanced at Fei Li, who immediately said, “One of those companies may have come to ask you to sell the goods to him.” Tang Long hears this word, ask suddenly: “How many goods can their company eat me?” “It's about 100,000 tons.” Phyllis looked at Tang Long strangely. Did he want to sell them one by one? Tang Long motioned to the guard to let the fat man come over. He smiled at Fei Liyin and said, “I'll sell him 100,000 tons for eight yuan and one hundred grams, and then I'll sell them all to the government for four yuan and one hundred grams. When the time comes.” What will the government do? What will happen to their company? Phyllis's eyes lit up and she whispered excitedly, “The government will sell it for five yuan and one hundred grams, and they will lose a lot of money!” Tang Long nodded with satisfaction and said, “These tasks are for you.” “Well, I won't let you down, boss.” With a professional smile, Phyllis stood up and held out her hand to the fat man and said, “Hello,Glucono Delta Lactone, I'm the personal lawyer of Boss Tang. If you have anything, please tell me.” The fat man looked at Tang Long angrily, because Tang Long thought he didn't exist. pioneer-biotech.com


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