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Leisure Drink Mix – The perfect companion for unwinding and enjoying life’s simple pleasures

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Leisure Drink Mix – Time For Your Relaxation

Feeling like you have poured out all your energy and need to recharge your batteries with some quality shut-eye? Then you are at the right place. We at Rasha give you an outstanding product Leisure Drink mix that is specifically crafted for active women holding a unique ingredient of Whole Tart Cherry and Valerian Root extract, a magic mantra of our product. It also includes electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium which maintain the internal pH levels.

Your body becomes fatigued when you have imbalanced electrolytes. Our Leisure Drink mix is the best electrolyte supplement that readily makes your imbalanced electrolyte balanced. This hydration drink gives your body the fluid balance it needs.

Our Ingredients speak louder

We have come up with the best hydration powder in a fine powdered form that you can readily mix into water and consume. Many electrolyte drink products don’t have our magic mantra. Our electrolyte balance drink makes you relaxed after your tough day. Our whole tart cherry and Valerian root extract are the key factors that enhances sleep quality.  Many studies have proven that whole tart cherry and valerian root extract can promote the sleep-wake cycle and improve REM sleep as well as NREM sleep. Your body tends to relax after consuming this drink. Secondly, we have electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium which promote the electrolyte balance in your body making it optimal.

Day-to-day life can be hectic, but finding moments of calm is crucial

We provide you with a simpler pack consisting of single-serving sachets that can be readily mixed with water or any other liquids. Having a regular life schedule ensures efficiency and organization in the daily task and we provide you the drink mix for such a life schedule.

Method of Use

The pack consists of 20 single-serving sachets. Take one sachet and mix it with 200 ml of water or other liquid and mix it.  Here you go. Your drink is ready to consume. It doesn’t require much time. We save you valuable time with our superior product.


Let us see more about the beneficial side of our product. 

  1. Aids in restoring the body’s fluid balance

The lost electrolytes due to your fatigue can be rejuvenated through our product. The body gets drained due to fluid imbalance. Restoring them at the right time makes your health good and gives you proper rest and sleep. We bring this Leisure Drink mix to make it happen.

  1. Enhancing the athletic performance

Making a body perform like an athlete requires potential electrolyte and mineral support. The body gets greater performance in regulating the sleep cycle with balanced electrolytes. We make it possible through our product.

  1. Promoting elimination of post-workout fatigue

Once your activity or workout is over, your body gets fatigued. That is because of the fluid imbalance. Making it balanced with the best electrolyte drink is mandatory. Leisure Drink Mix restores your electrolytes.

  1. Aids in reducing stress

Passing the whole day with hectic work, you would be stressed. You need peace and calm and we have Whole Tart Cherry and Valerian Root extract that enhances the sleep quality and reduces the stress. The antioxidants present in that make you stress-free mental health.

Want to make your life stress-free and maintain proper health? We are here with Leisure Drink Mix, have a drink and experience our magic. 

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