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Leptin is a hormone that reduces appetite. It is produced by adipose tissue, the fat of the human body that is generated after eating excess food and its function is to indicate that you have already eaten enough.

What is leptin

It is a hormone that sends signals to the hypothalamus — the region of the brain, specifically the brain that is located at the base of the brain — that regulates the central nervous system and the pituitary gland or pituitary .

Its role in the body, that of leptin is to function as a fat-burning hormone . According to the description of many supplements and diet pills although in reality, it has the role of regulating the endocrine system and the secretion of other hormones. LeptoConnect Reviews

One of its functions is related to the production of body fat and the feeling of satiety, and then we will see them in detail.


For it to be produced it is necessary for the fatty tissue, the body fat, to produce it. Although it is also present and synthesized in other parts of the body, the most important place where it is created is in the cells that contain fats. As adipose tissue increases leptin production as well.

As the presence of the hormone leptin in the blood increases, there is an increase in satiety. The sending of the stop eating signal to the brain is persistent since there is enough food stored to make eating unnecessary. You've eaten enough.

This really has benefits since otherwise you would never be satiated. When hormonal is produced in the body, you stop eating because, obviously, you already have enough nutrients to support yourself, and continuing to eat will mean producing more localized fat in the stomach, buttocks and other secondary areas such as the double chin, arms and legs.

So, when you take it, will you lose weight?

In theory yes but in practice no. By this I mean that it is not that simple. The body has mechanisms to inhibit the loss of fat reserves and at certain times predispose to increase them.

If you start to eat poorly because you are on a strict diet to lose weight or because you exercise more, you will lose weight. But the negative is that you can put yourself in a state of famine and, in that situation, the moment you exceed the food you eat, it will become fat to avoid the decay of the vital systems.



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