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Whether you are an adult or a kid, everyone loves magic. 

You have learned some simple magic tricks as a kid, and you must have forgotten those tricks because years have passed. 

That's why it's time to revive those Mentalism tricks again, so below are some of the standard magic tricks to restore the fun. 


1. Spoon bending illusions 

Hold the spoon & slowly start pressing down the spoon while you're sliding your hand along the handle, giving the illusion of bending utensils. 

This trick is simple yet requires significant practice to excel. 


2. Magnetic pencil 

The trick is merely an illusion where the performer wears a bracelet & or a watch to hold the pencil or pen on the wrist. So, the pencil looks like floating in the air to the audience. 


3. Disappearing coin tricks

The coin tricks everyone used to call the real deal when they were young require ultimate hand synchronization. 

In this hand, the person tightens the coin between his thumb & first finger, and on the countdown of 3, the coin slides down to the other hand without the audience's notice. 


4. Turning ice into water 

A science experiment inspires this magic trick. 

Here you need a water bottle (if purified works best), a freezer, and some flat ice pack to pour water onto it. Leave the water bottle in the freezer for two hours & pour that water cum ice on the flat ice pack & let the magic happen. 


5. Rubber pencil trick

The rubber pencil trick is one of the famous tricks during school days. 

In this trick, you hold the pencil from the rubber side & shake it at the right time to look like it is made from bendable rubber instead of wood. This magic trick doesn't demand any special skills but practice & a lot of courses. 


6. Walkthrough paper 

Ask your audience whether they can make a hole in the paper, a hole big enough to walk through? 

The answer will be no. 

However, you make a hole in paper & walk your hands through it. See how easy. 

This trick is not magic but its fundamental sense. 



7. Make yourself levitating 

This trick is best for kids above ten years of age because they don't get frustrated quickly. After all, this trick requires specific body positioning & a trial & error method, so you get it right. 

In addition, the more your practice, the more you excel in this trick. 


8. Can't crack an egg trick 

This trick is for kids to enjoy themselves. 

For example, a kid says to his friends that he can roll/squeeze an egg in his palm without damaging it.

However, in reality, by the egg's nature, it is hard to crack with bare hands because its oval shape allows the egg to bear immense pressure when it's uniformly applied. So, show your friends the eggs squeezing/ rolling action in palms. 


With technology snowballing, all these magic tricks are available on magic apps that are easy to reach with the kids, so they learn everything prior. 

Plus, kids nowadays prefer to learn advanced magic tricks called Mentalism in that they create the illusion of reading & controlling people's minds. In addition, some of the mentalism tricks are also being taught in the universities. 


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