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Level 20-58: Trout and Salmon

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Some Good-To-Know's OSRS gold

Fishing is a great way of bypassing the early levels of strength and agility. This is done using the Barbarian Method of Fishing (Level 58 Fishing recommended) and will be described in the next section of this guide. But, it's helpful to note that Agility and Strength XP will be earnt at a ratio of approximately 1:10 against fishing. That means that if you reach the level 99 for Fishing (13M XP), you can expect to receive around 1.3M In both Strength and Agility! For reference, this would increase your Agility to Level 75 if you started at Level 30. Quite exceptional.

Level 1 Bypass to 24

To quickly reach levels 1-24. You must complete your Sea Slug quest. The one requirement for this quest is 30 Firemaking . This quest can be completed fairly quickly. This is a quicker approach to early Fishing Training as opposed to catching fish.

In the Beginning

Level 1-20 Level 1 – 20 Anchovies

If you don't want to, or are not able to finish your Sea Slug quest, you'll be able to finish Level 1 – 20 by taking a fishing trip for Shrimp and anchovies. To accomplish this, you'll require a Small Fishing Net, and then travel to an appropriate fishing location. The most accessible location is right to the south of Draynor Bank, whereby you'll discover plenty of nets. At Level 15. you'll begin to fish Anchovies and Shrimp, from the same spot. You'll need to capture 447 Shrimps, in order to get enough XP for level 20. At this point you'll begin Fly Fishing. Complete Sea Slug instead, will result in 7.175 ExP, taking you directly to level 24. It is therefore highly advised.

Level 20-58: Trout and Salmon

You are able to Fly Fish trout (and Salmon, from Level 30. You'll need an Fly Fishing Rod, plus 1 feather per fish you catch So it's recommended to get a few thousand feathers prior beginning. The most well-known spot for Fly Fishing is in Barbarian Village, which is located just north-east on the West bank. XP Rates for this method are between 20 to 45K an hour. Choosing to drop the fish instead of depositing them at the Edgeville bank can increase the rates of XP. It is suggested due to the lower cost of Trout as well as Salmon. As a tip for a better experience, enable an option under the Settings menu which will permit you to hold the shift to drop an item rather than ‘use' it. This will make dropping an entire inventory much quicker and can save time and increase XP Buy OSRS gold gains. For the level 58. you'll need 224.466 XP . This means you'll need 3.667 fish (trout/salmon together),




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