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Will you vow to treat our visitors with PRIDE?

There's little that looks at to the sensation of strolling into a spot and being promptly agreeable, your shoulders release, your breathing eases back, you unwind, realizing you can act naturally. Finding those spaces has frequently been hard for the LGBTQ+ people group. In the event that you are a business,


America, and ideally the world, is coming around to the way that the LGBTQ people group is sound, digging in for the long haul and developing all the more impressive consistently. Like a “safeguard” THEAPP from LGBTQ.ONE smooths out the ride. Jump aboard Today! LGBTQFRIENDLY .


Hi, I am Bill Thompson with LGBTQ.ONE, situated here in lovely Phoenix, Arizona. We offer another super advanced PWA manual for safe travel and neighborhood trader collaborations explicitly for the LGBTQ people group, basically called “THEAPP”. Our application/guide for the LGBTQ people group is FREE to utilize and moves past 90,000 visits each month with north of 3 million hits. Vendor Participation is a little as $6.99/mo with a yearly membership. Our 90 second energized video makes sense of how we drive serious areas of strength for such. You can look at how our program functions


Internet Dating Choices

There are a ton of web based dating destinations from “standard” locales, for example, Matchmaker to “grown-up” destinations, for example, Adult Friend Finder to locales taking care of specific sorts of individuals like Gay Friend Finder and Korean Friend Finder. Which one is the ideal decision for you? It truly relies upon what you are searching for from your internet dating experience.


On the off chance that you are searching for a profound, significant, long haul relationship unquestionably the standard locales are the thing you ought to check out. Assuming you are keen on gathering up with a specific kind of individuals (whether they be gay people or Koreans – as only two models) you ought to join the site that spotlights on that specific gathering. In the event that you are searching for a no surprises sort of relationship, a grown-up dating site (Adult Friend Finder is the best illustration of one of these) is your most ideal decision GAY FREINDLY .


Does Adult Friend Finder Really Work?

Indeed. I know from individual experience. I got together with “AFF” and in somewhere around 60 minutes (in a real sense) I was meeting somebody I met from the site face to face. I ought to specify that I resided in New York City at the time which likely made the site far superior for me (it functions admirably for those in huge urban communities) yet regardless of whether you live in an extremely country place you ought to have the option to discover certain individuals you live close to enough to meet. It may very well be somewhat more earnestly to get together with somebody in only 60 minutes. It could take both of you hours!


THEAPP was developed to allow gay community members to interact safely with and acts as a guide to “LGBTQ friendly
merchants and services”. https://theapp.one



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NOW LGBTQ.ONE, announces the release of an all new and cutting-edge technology offering safety, security, and acceptance never before possible

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AND: We drive real, quality traffic to your door!
THEAPP is used by over 139,000 people, each month, LGBTQ community members and allies, looking for services like yours every month
generating over 300,000 visits. At $9.99 a month, value or “bang for your buck” surely can't be in question. Reach out, as an allied merchant to the LGBTQ community.
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Some of the comments about THEAPP: 

  1. I saw a documentary about The Green Book and how it helped Black Americans, not just in the south, to find “Friendly”
    lodging, meals and services. In some cases, literally a life saver! THEAPP is the 2022 version of The Green Book.
    2. My sister told me to check this thing out and whoa! I found all kinds of cool deals on stuff I use every day on THEAPP. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, but as an ally, I respect this program!
    3. As a lesbian, I really appreciate going places where I know I am respected and will be treated kindly. This THEAPP program is a long time coming!
    4. I own a Tobacco Store in a very gay friendly neighborhood, I wanted to let the neighbors know I was on their side. The
    sticker on the door and my store on THEAPP has brought in new faces and it really works!
    5. I travel a lot and finding a place to stay or eat in a strange town can be difficult when you “stand out”. THEAPP fromLGBTQ.ONE levels the playing field, NOWI can go where I know I will be accepted without any nonsense.
    6. So often when I go into a business as an obviously gay man, I can just feel the weird vibes! I downloaded THEAPP a month ago and I have found safe harbors right here in my neighborhood.
    7. I am Lez, and my girlfriend says, hey have you seen this THEAPP thing? NO! She showed me how she could findLGBTQ friendly places for all of her shopping and service needs, all in one place!
    8. For twenty years I used The Entertainment Guide to find deals on dining, travel and services, but sometimes I ran into
    resistance based on my “appearance”. Now I use THEAPP, and I get even better deals without the backwash.
    9. I have 5 stores that sell herbal supplements. I decided to give THEAPP a try when they offered it to me at $9.95 a month. BEST ROI I have ever had on such a minimal investment. Business is up by 15% in 60 days.
    10. Yesterday my boyfriend said we were going out to a very nice place for dinner. I said, “This is going to be a bit pricey
    buddy” He said he got half off our total bill with THEAPP fromLGBTQ.ONE
    11. If this had been around 10 years ago, I would have been spared a lot of silly and sometimes weird situations. Now I go where
    I am appreciated.
    12. What a great idea! It is so simple But it WORKS!
    13. I won’t go out for any shopping or service without checking THEAPP first. I have saved hundreds since I downloaded this thing
    14. THEAPP is the coolest!
    15. No one should ever go anywhere that they are not wanted. This thing keeps me out of harms way by guiding me to Trans Safe



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