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Like you would imagine that the two screens

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Like you would imagine that Mut 23 coins the two screens serve distinct functions. When you're using through the Madden menus to change between different game modes, adjust settings, or find competitors on wireless using that lower display. On the top, for these scenarios shows a tiny image featuring an image of the headdress worn by your preferred NFL team (which you select when you first boot on your game).

While playing On the other hand you'll pay particular attention to the screen on the left. Lower screen as in this instance is utilized to play call, and displays the top-down view of X's and O's of the field and also houses the DS-specific kick meters.

It takes some time getting used to the second screen, particularly when you're running actual games. It could be due to the years of conditioning that comes from playing a single screen games for consoles however, we had to make ourselves be attentive to the second screen of the DS particularly when we ran play-by-play.

Although it's relatively easy to locate an open receiver with this screen on the bottom, it's just not easy to determine if defensive players are ready to get involved and strike the ball. Therefore, you'll see your attention returning towards the higher screen when the majority of plays play out. However, it's perfect for assessing the position of each player on the field prior to you take the ball.

For the game of kicking it is logical that the meter be visible in the lower part of the screen, however, the kicking mechanics differ quite a bit from the ones you're familiar with from games on madden 23 coins cheap consoles like Madden games.


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