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Modern tables are classic furniture units designed keeping current trends in mind. Perhaps, they are more functional than traditional wooden tables. They match every home despite their mid-20-century design. They elevate the standard of room no matter where you infuse it. When you visit a store, you will be surprised at the sheer volume of furniture available. Every piece is unique and functional. Some common furniture that is widely used by every homeowner is the dining and coffee table. 

They too are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and prices. Plus, wooden table units come in varying shapes, sizes, colors, features, and style. One can find wooden tables online with storage and non-storage sections. Besides, knowing the wide range of furniture can help you decide the right wood table for your room. Here is a write-up that will present a list of wood tables with a brief description and their purpose. So let’s explore each one by one in the next segment.

1.Coffee – These furniture units are commonly used in living areas. It is infused in-front of the sofa set, at the center. One can use it to keep snacks, food items, drinks like coffee, tea, or juice. Also, you can add a beautiful vase with natural or artificial flowers. Thus, create a stunning visual appeal. Plus, the furniture unit with storage sections can be used to keep books and accessories. Hence, you can free-up the clutter from the living area. Explore a variety of units online.

2.Console – Generally, these units are placed against a wall in the living room or bedroom, or entryway. They are long and narrow. Besides, one can explore them in different designs and shapes. They come with storage features. One can find a console wooden table with drawers, shelves. You can use them to display decorative collections or hide accessories from the public. If you need furniture to place your keys or extra space, then the console furniture unit is a must to explore online.

3. Bedside furniture- Some people call them bedside cabinets. Usually, they are infused at the side of the bed. One can add them to both sides of the bed or one. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and features. One can easily keep the book, article, medicines, spectacles, and more after using them at night. They come with storage features. Thus, a perfect piece to store household and essential items in the bedroom. Besides, one can also place a lamp, a clock, a glass of water, and a smartphone on the top surface. 

4.Dining set- The dining units are used widely for having meals. One can add it to the dining area or kitchen room. Plus, one can enjoy a delicious meal with family members. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Rectangular units are popular. One can select the furniture depending on the family size. Moreover, the dining set can be used for functions, decorative purposes, playing games, discussions, work, and more.  

5.End tables- You may have seen some people adding a table beside a sofa or armchair. Well, these furniture units are known as ‘end tables’. These units can be used to display decorative items. Moreover, they are functional as well. However, they are lower in size compared to a sofa and chair. One can use the unit to place remote control, smartphone, books, and others. Also, access these items sitting on a sofa.

6.Nested tables- These are mid-century units. They come as a set of 3. Moreover, each unit is of varying size. They fit perfectly, one inside the other. One can use them for special occasions or when guests visit your home. One can spread it out and in whenever required. People with space issues can add it to their room. They are also known as bunching or stacking tables. You can display antique pieces or keep drinks or food. Have a look at the designs of these tables online.

7.Study desk- These furniture units are used for studying or working purposes. One can explore these units in numerous sizes, colors, and features. It will provide a comfortable space to work and study. Besides, they come with maximum and minimum storage features. You can pick as per your requirement. You can keep files, books, and work documents in the drawers of shelves. 


These are a few types of tables one can discover in almost every store online. They are used for different purposes. So you can buy the one that meets your requirement. 


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