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OnePlus literally works on improving the user experience. Being a community-driven company, it accepts feedback and many ideas from its customers regarding the improvements that can be made to their devices. To improve the device experience of the users, earlier this year, the company announced IDEAS 2.0 to obtain ideas regarding the features for OxygenOS, the Android-based mobile operating system of OnePlus.

Recently, OnePlus has announced the features that might get introduced in the upcoming version of OxygenOS. The post related to IDEAS 2.0 received huge engagements from the community of OnePlus. It received positive responses on a massive scale from users all around the world.

The post got above 7,300 submissions from over 5,427 members of the OnePlus community. Alongside that, the IDEAS 2.0 post was liked by more than 12,000 and there came out to be over 8,800 comments in the comment section of the post.

There were a lot of suggestions given by users in the comment section of the post. So, the company decided to consider among those comments, the best ones. They shortlisted some of the most generic entries, and the company might introduce these entries in the upcoming version of OxygenOS. The features that might get introduced in the future updates are listed below:

  • OnePlus might consider adding an option for the FPS counter to the Game Space.
  • Individual volume options might get added for each application alongside the dual media playback support.
  • Users can get customization options for the Lockscreen.
  • The company might introduce Wireless file transfer from OnePlus devices to PC and vice-versa.
  • A highly aggressive battery-saving feature – “Power Diet” might get introduced in the future. This feature will help improve the performance of the battery that would, in turn, extend the battery life of the devices. This mode will undoubtedly limit the background usage of the device’s battery by the non-essential applications.
  • A truly black Optimized Dark Mode might get introduced instead of the grey one that is present currently. The users may also get an option to switch between both.
  • The company might introduce a feature with the help of which the users will capture only a specific part of their screen. The feature might be named Partial Screenshot.


These were some of the ideas that the company might implement in the upcoming updates of their Android-based operating system – OxygenOS. OnePlus in its recent announcement, laid a strong emphasis on the FPS counter in the Game Space. The company has told the media houses that they are working on this feature, and very soon, the users will see it in the update arriving in the future. OnePlus has already stated that they are also working on some other features like optimized dark mode, wireless file transfer, partial screenshot, and more. However, the company has not yet announced any fixed dates for these features to arrive.

Source: List of Features That OnePlus Will Introduce in Future OxygenOS Updates


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