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It is time that you say goodbye quarantine and start playing something funny. There is no fun being lazy and depressed. This article will provide you with quizzes and fun facts that are insanely funny and will also, help you know on how much you know yourself.

Solutiontales provides you with list of quizzes that are funny and will lighten your spirit now. Let’s have a look at it.

1)Fun Character Personality Test

The fun character test is a funny test where you answer the question to your preferences and we will let you know; how funny you are!

2)Midnight Snack Quiz.

The foodie quiz which tells you what you should make tonight. The concept is that the quiz guesses your mood for the day and accordingly, let’s you know what you should eat.

It’s funny, yet the food making process will be funny.

3)What type Are you?

Are you an Ambivert or extrovert or introvert? This type lets you know which type of personality you have on the basis that you can share your information and answer your quizzes.

4)Which Type of Book Should You read?

The quiz helps you pick up the book that you will need according to the emotions you are going through. You have to answer a set of question and the quizzes will help you decide on which type of books you should read.

Depending on various niches, you don’t have to juggle and you can choose one.

5)What should Be Your Home Décor style?

Depending on the geography and your selection of pattern and color, the quiz tells you on what type of home décor should you get.

It’s an analysis of the mood and interest you have towards decorating your house.

6)Which Netflix Character Are You?

The quiz lets you pick up a Netflix popular series, like the originals or the vampire diaries, and you have to answer different questions around the characters that are part of the series.

Looking at the correct responses you can check the Netflix character that best suits you. Congratulations on being happy to be Damon Salvatore in your friend groups. You should still check out Solutiontales for more quizzes and make yourself happy around the house.

7)How much chances of No divorce do you have in your marriage?

It a list of question where, you answer what pisses you off, and you can be answering. The other partner is given the same set of questions that makes partner 1 pissed and that has to be tackled by partner 2. With the results and the different scenarios put together you can know, how much divorcee proof your marriage is.


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