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Minecraft Dungeons is a new arriving RPG game that will have the same lovely world of blocks. Minecraft Dungeons will be quite similar to Minecraft’s emphasizes and Diablo with complete loot story. There are several different levels added in game with different areas. Even though the player looks at everything on the map, they will not be sure about the exact location they are at. It is because there are several locations exist, and learning them in sight is not possible. However, there are some unique and bigger locations available that can be easily recognized, and every player should look at these locations once.

Minecraft Dungeons Full World Map

In the full map of Minecraft Dungeons, there are several areas exist, and every different side of the area is categorized as per their environment. Every side of the map has its own rewards, whereas some posses hidden areas with the usual storyline that can unlock some areas. These locations on maps are not the final locations because these maps can be extended through DLC and to expanding the content on the game.


The camp is a central location of the map where making base is permitted. For converting the emeralds into the random loot, there will be merchants available at the location. On the same location, you can select the mission to check your damage by using some dummies. This location is easy to find and also a valuable location of Minecraft Dungeons.

Creepy Crypt

Creepy Crypt location is not unlocked at the beginning of the game, and that is why players have to unlock it through the Creeper Wood. It’s a dungeon with a large stone and along with several types of undead creepy things and mobs. The great thing about this location is that there are a variety of hidden chests, and random puzzles are available in this area with a vast amount of loot. Unlocking this location will not take enough time, and the amount of the reward here is no less too.

Creeper Wood

Creeper wood area is the first location in the game after finishing the tutorial. Here you will see some of the spooky wood that reminds of Minecraft forest area of the night time. In this area, you will see skeletons, creepers, zombies, and many more weird creatures, so it is necessary to pass here carefully.

Pumpkin Pastures

After finishing the trip through creeper forest, you will reach Pumpkin Pastures that made from the burned villages that attacked by Arch Illager with his forces. You might face here with a boss and needed to do a battle with that boss.

Redstone Mines

In the recent preview event of Minecraft Dungeons, there were Redstone Mines were showed. The location and atmosphere of here are apprehensive than all entire beta maps. The long hallways with narrow paths, filled with lava, sparkling caverns, and Redstone Mines everywhere. From the look and structure of this area, it looks the most dangerous area of the game, but yes, it is a well-designed area of the game.

Other Areas

In the world map of Minecraft Dungeons, many locations available that include fortresses, mountains, temples, swamps, and many more that you can only imagine they exist. Every available location in Minecraft Dungeons will be unlocked and arrived by the player, but it will take time. There are no limits in Minecraft Dungeons, and there will be many more things available after new updates and events.

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