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Vocational course is the answer for students who want to pursue a bright career without following the conventional academic pathway. It prepares the students to be career-ready in many aspects like academic skills, technical skills, career-specific skills, and employability skills.

Vocational Course-Advantages:

Vocational course advantages are numerous, making it a tempting academic choice among students.

When compared to degree courses, it is generally cheaper to do a vocational course. Therefore, even students with a low financial budget can pursue it. A vocational course can help to enhance a person’s employability in that particular sector since it particularly gives them all the necessary skills for performing at that job profile. Vocational courses follow a convenient and easy learning process with options to take classes virtually as well.

A degree course generally lacks the real-life industry experience provided by vocational courses, where the existing market trends are better understood by associating with it directly.

List of Vocational Courses after 12th:

Given below is a list of vocational courses after 12th that are popular among students.

Audio Technicians: The course imparts knowledge on the technical side of broadcasting communications and music. These Technicians manage the relevant equipment which records the music and the audio tracks. They have promising job prospects, and many companies hire these skilled professionals.

Air Hostess Training: Training for this highly coveted job in the Aviation industry offers a plethora of opportunities making it very popular among all the vocational courses in Bangalore. Numerous private institutions provide vocational courses for candidates to be Air Hostesses. With lots of perks and allowance, the average salary for an Air Hostess ranges between 25,000 to 40,000.

Event Management Courses: Event management careers require creativity and hard work. This vocational course after 12th is highly desired among students where they learn the art of planning events. Event management is a rewarding career, with opportunities to meet eminent professionals, and is a satisfying job that requires minimal qualifications.

Web Development and Designing: It is one of the most favoured vocational courses in Bangalore, which deals with the creation of applications, websites, and web pages. With the rapid advent of the online sectors, the increasing demand for web development professionals has created huge job opportunities for the aspirants learning Web Development and Designing courses.

Diploma in Hospitality: Hospitality is a fast-growing sector with enormous opportunities everywhere. This vocational course after 12th focuses on the academic study of the management of hotels, restaurants, and businesses related to travel and tourism. This short duration course has the potential to get great packages and become a professional depending upon the skill sets of the student.

Digital Marketing: With surging demand for online platforms, careers in digital marketing are also witnessing excellent growth. The course concerns promoting brands to connect with potential customers using various forms of digital communication. With many specialisations, one can be offered job roles such as Social Media Manager, SEO expert, Content Developer, and more.

Game Designer: Imagine playing video games as part of your job? That’s how the job role is for a Game Designer. With an expected market of 1 billion people, the Gaming Industry in India is rapidly growing. A Game Designer designs video games and the related technical aspects according to the required specifications.

Animation, Graphics, and Multimedia: Animation is a technique of creating the illusion of motion through the rapid demonstration of a series of different static images. If you are someone who is captivated by adorable characters in Avatar, Ice Age, Wall-E, etc., it is high time that you join the course in the animation sector. The industry offers boundless scope for candidates with a creative bent of mind.

Fashion Designing: Fashion Designing, a highly sought after vocational course in Bangalore, is the art of applying concepts of design, textile technology and aesthetics to clothing and its accessories. If you are interested in designing clothes and apparel and possess a flair for fashion, Fashion Designing could be your ideal pathway. The booming industry allows you to unleash your creativity in a variety of roles, such as a Freelance Design Consultant, Illustrator, Costume Designer, etc.

Photography: The career options of this field include Photojournalism, Travel or Event Photography, Nature and Wildlife Photography, Fashion and Advertising, and much more. The course enables the candidates in understanding the art of taking candid shots, the utility of different camera parts, and how to work out the lights while clicking pictures.

Beautician Course: With more and more individuals getting concerned about their looks, the demand for Stylists and Beauticians is constantly increasing. You can opt for specifications like hairstyling, manicure, cosmetology, pedicure, aesthetics or electrolysis. After the completion of the course, the trained professional can also get to work in a beauty and skin-care company or choose to work in a parlour or can also set up their own parlour.

Vocational Colleges in Bangalore:

Many vocational colleges in Bangalore offer training to aspirants in the above-said courses. Some of the popular colleges are mentioned below:

1) Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women

2) Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences (PIMS)

3) MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management

4) Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous

5) Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology


In our present corporate world, being employable is not just about being educated but also possessing the practical skills for carrying out the assigned task. Thus, Vocational Courses offer a rewarding substitute to the conventional career pathways. Now that you have gained a better understanding of the numerous vocational courses you can choose after the 12th, you can go ahead and choose your favourite one.

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