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No matter whether it is for a few days or months, or you have to wear it permanently, an ostomy is likely to bring many changes to your routine life. However, the good news is that ostomy products today are designed to provide patients with as much convenience and ease as possible. 

For choosing the right Ostomy products, your doctor can be your best guide. 

There are different types of ostomy pouches in the market and your doctor will suggest the best option for you.

With an ostomy, there are some changes that you have to make to your life with respect to certain big and small routine stuff. Let’s understand each one of these in detail:

Clothing. You can easily wear the same clothing you wore before the ostomy. 

These days, ostomy pouches are designed to fit snuggly to the body. You can also choose to buy pouches that trap foul smells. The foul smell is only there when you empty the pouch.

If you do not want to wear your old clothing, you can look for loose-fitted and comfortable clothes to feel relaxed all the time. For example, innerwear and wraps can hold the ostomy pouch.

Routine Activities. There will be zero to minimal disturbance to your routine activities. Patients with ostomy pouches play sports, have sex, and indulge in all kinds of other activities. A limited amount of activity will not have an impact on your stoma. The only thing to consider is that sweat may cause the tape to loosen. If you experience this, you can look for a specialized Coloplast bag.

Hygiene. Your doctor must have told you that you need to keep the area around the ostomy dry and clean. Skip alcohol-based skin products to avoid severe dry skin problems. Similarly, oily skin care products will make it difficult for the pouch to hold on. Shave the skin surrounding the ostomy, as the pouch will require hair-free skin to stick. You can talk to your doctor about any special hygiene rules and skincare products for your ostomy.

Eating Regime. With a colostomy, it is difficult for the patient to hold when stool moves into the Coloplastcolostomybag. How much stool and gas go into the pouch is dependent on the diet of the patient. 

Your doctor will ask you to follow a specific diet. He will ask you to avoid gassy and acidic foods. Some of the food choices that you will have to stay away from include spicy and fried meals. Also, there are foods that can cause severe stomach cramping if you don’t chew them properly. It is essential to keep a check on your water intake to avoid constipation. 

For more care tips, talk to your healthcare provider now. 

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