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London garden clearance

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Landscape upkeep will help you create a beautiful garden

If you’re a busy homeowner, our basic garden clearance London is just what you need. We will assist you in creating an ever-intriguing garden. Whether there are too many branches in the way of light or you want to get your beautiful grass back in shape, we know how to get the work done quickly, correctly, and to the highest standards.

London garden clearance
London garden clearance

The following are some of the services provided by Clear the Lot Garden Maintenance London:

Hedge trimming is removing thick branches and scrubs from your hedges to keep them in good shape. If you need your hedges shaped or cut downhill in height, please let us know and we will be pleased to assist you.

Using a jet washer to clean: Dirt, moss, and grime can be removed off fences, slabs, decking, patios, roads, and garden furniture.

Grass mowing: We can provide your lawn with regular grass wounding. We provide all of the tackle and equipment needed to consistently provide a quality service. Pruning small and large trees to enable more light into your garden for other plants or for you to enjoy the sun.

Weed: To keep your garden looking pleasant, we can deracinate horseradish trail poppy and other weeds. We remove all weeds by hand or with sophisticated equipment. If this is a better answer for your purposes, we also offer kernel killer requests. Weed growth on your terrace or driveway will be slowed as a result of this.

London garden clearance
London garden clearance

Leaf removal: removing autumn’s leaf carpets from your lawn to keep it looking nice and healthy. We’ll rake or blow the leaves into a pile, then gather them in bags and haul them away from your garden. The public benefits greatly from Clear the Lot’s garden clearance service in London.

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