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Football is a physical sport that demands the body to perform repetitively at high speed. This repetitive action puts strain on the leg muscles and it can lead to muscle cramps. To reduce the chances of cramps, players need socks that cover a larger area of the leg and keep them warm. Ideally, these socks should be made from material that is breathable and comfortable against the skin. This will help the feet to dry and minimize the sweat that leads to blisters. Some socks are designed to be extra thick and they provide a cushion against the ground.

Long football socks have been a part of the game since 1945 when commissioner Elmer Layden decreed that NFL players must wear them to protect their legs from scratches. Over the years, it has become a requirement for players to wear long socks and they are usually required to match the rest of their uniform.

A lot of players still prefer to wear their socks over the knees. This is because this option offers rigid support to the knees and prevents the socks from falling down. However, there is no right or wrong way to wear your socks and it really depends on your preference and comfort.

Many players also cut large holes in their football socks to relieve stress and tension on their lower legs. This is especially popular amongst professional players. For example, Kyle Walker is well-known for his large holed socks which he does himself on a regular basis. Although this is a controversial move, it is a practical choice for the player to help him feel more comfortable and play better.


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