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Why wear a watch?

For most people, wearing a watch is a combination of practical convenience and style in an accessory that enhances their daily life. Because there are so many different types of watches to choose from, timepieces have come to be so much more.

From the classy elegance of an iconic gold watch for women to a watch that makes an artistic statement or supports a cause, your watch can say a lot. Of course, the watches with the most to say are the conversation starters you can’t help but notice.

If you’re looking for a conversation piece, here are four styles to consider.

Complex Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are a superb option for anyone interested in maintaining the classic elegance of a high-quality, sophisticated analog watch for men with an intriguing twist.

Specifically, skeleton watches feature a dial that’s cut out to expose the mechanisms responsible for the watch’s movement. The skillful engineering and exceptional precision necessary for a reliable automatic watch are fascinating to observe in action and unquestionably conversation-worthy.

A Watch with a Prismatic Face

A prismatic watch face or dial is a relatively recent innovation that’s undeniably cool. The prismatic watch dial updates centuries of timekeeping tradition by replacing the static watch face with a dynamic one.

This vibrantly colorful watch face changes color as the minute hand moves. The result is a kinetic celebration of color that shifts and changes throughout the day. If you’re a fan of unique and unforgettable timepieces, this conversation starter is the perfect addition to your collection.

The Watch as an Art Piece

There is a long and storied history of watches and timepieces being built as undeniably artistic creations. Less common are wristwatches functioning as templates for your own unique artistic expression.

As a watch enthusiast, you likely think that a watch is a piece of art in its own right. But if you’re looking for an incredible watch that is sure to get noticed, look for design collaborations between a reliable brand and celebrated artists. It can even show off a bit of your personality.

Socially Supportive and Sustainable Watches

Stylish mens black watches are virtually guaranteed to complement any look, from shorts and t-shirts-casual to black-tie events. But what if you’d like your watch to be a conversation piece for more than how good it looks?

There are some great watch options available that help you express your support for a cause of your choice. Maybe you’re committed to spreading awareness to protect the environment. Look for a watch made from reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic. Or, if you’re passionate about human rights, equality, and acceptance, show your support with a vibrant design that spreads peace and love.

With the right watch, you can wear a conversation piece that shows the world what’s most important to you.

About Armitron®

Armitron® is called America’s Watch because of the enduring legacy of the brand’s founder, Eugen Gluck. As a Holocaust survivor, Mr. Gluck made it his mission to live as an example of how people should treat each other. He just so happened to achieve his American dream along the way. Together with his wife Jean (yep—Jean and Eugen, it was clearly meant to be), they set out to create high-quality watches people all around the world could afford. That original commitment to putting people first still drives Armitron® forward today. The brand has grown into a renowned industry leader by consistently embracing innovative technology and forward-thinking design. Browse the selection of Armitron® watches to discover your own stylish piece of this story.

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