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Finding the right watch to match your style could involve a bit more thought than you might have expected.

A wristwatch is a classic accessory—some might even call it “timeless.” And watches can serve a variety of different purposes and say a variety of things about your taste, style, and preferences. If you choose the right watch, it can be a true reflection of your personality. For instance, a sleek, classic silver watch for men or a gold watch for women presents a different message than a robust, rugged sport watch.

However, a few simple questions can help you narrow down the watch that’s perfect for you.

Do You Want a Watch for Style or Function?

One of the first questions to ask is whether you’re looking for a watch primarily for style or function. No matter how you answer that question, it’s important to keep in mind that these two options don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Still, if style is your priority, search for a high-quality, dressy analog watch for men or women that will look great for a night on the town, in the boardroom. If you’d rather focus on function, prioritize a model that offers the features you’re looking for, complete with a design that can stand the test of the activities you plan to use it for.

What Do You Plan to Do While Wearing It?

Which brings us to the next question: What activities do you plan to enjoy while wearing your watch? Or maybe you’d just prefer to consider the different settings where you might wear your watch. The answer can help you choose a design that looks right at home in that environment or makes a statement.

Do you plan on primarily wearing your watch to work and social engagements? Are you going to be wearing this watch while snorkeling or rock climbing? A reliable watch will work effectively when you’re 120 feet up on a rock wall, but a rugged design can help ease your worries about it getting scratched. Consider your favorite hobbies or social outings, and choose a watch you can see yourself wearing often.

What Defines Your Style?

Of course, these questions also have a style component. For instance, if you are a fan of classy mens black watches or womens gold watches, your preferences will obviously inform your decision.

Beyond considerations like whether to opt for a dress watch, a sport watch, an analog or digital, ask yourself whether you’re into a more modern or retro look. Consider whether you want a classic gold or silver model or if you’d prefer something with a pop of color. By defining your own style, you can recognize the qualities in a watch to match.

What Would You Like Your Watch to Say?

Finally, consider what you would like your watch to tell the rest of the world about you. If you support human rights and social justice issues, you can proudly sport a vibrantly rainbow-hued watch. If you are passionate about environmental issues, look for a stylish watch made from recycled ocean plastic. If you have a bright personality, choose a colorful watch to lift your spirits every time you wear it.

In the end, the right watch should be an accessory that looks great, makes your life a bit easier, and shows the world who you are.

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