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Looking for unique toys for your 5-year-old? Consider this list

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Toys play a significant role in every kid’s life. They enable the child to develop core memories, improve social skills, and seek entertainment. Hence, it is essential to include toys in your little one’s playtime. Doing so will facilitate their mental development considerably. Nowadays, you can find different kinds of 5-year-old toys online. But plenty of options, it can be slightly challenging to pick appropriate yet unconventional ones.

Following are a few unique toy recommendations for your guidance:

  1. Musical toys

They serve as excellent 5-year-old games. They hone musical abilities and encourage divergent thinking. These factors are necessary for expanding creativity and talent. Thus, you must invest in such toys. They are not only entertaining but also relatively easy to play with. Here are a few examples of toys that match the abovementioned description:

  • Plastic saxophones
  • Xylophones
  • Wooden guitars
  • Water flutes
  • Karaoke machines sets
  • Drum sets


  1. Art sets

If you feel your child possesses artistic abilities, you must encourage them. An effective way is by purchasing art sets. These sets come under the 5-to 7-year-old toys category, so you need not worry about age appropriateness. They encourage your child to refine their artistic talents and imaginative skills. The following are some equipment you get in art sets:

  • Washable markers
  • Toxic-free paints & crayons
  • An easel
  • Colour pencils
  • Erasers
  • Drawing papers


  1. Building blocks

These have a universal appeal. This means that they are suitable for children of any age. They are also quite versatile in terms of their usability. Your child can build them in multiple ways. However, you should be mindful of their material quality. You want to buy building blocks made of non-toxic and BPA free plastic. Also, make sure that the edges are not too sharp.

  1. Craft toys

As a parent, you should encourage your child to be creative from a young age. Hence, it is advisable to buy craft toys. They are undoubtedly the best kind when it comes to promoting inventiveness. They urge your child to think out of the box and keep them entertained for a relatively long time. This way, such toys last longer than regular ones from the viewpoint of relevance. Here are some examples of the best craft toys available online:

  • Origami sets
  • Sewing kits for children
  • Jewellery making sets for children
  • Paper flower making kits

Quick tips to consider while shopping for toys:

  • Always purchase toys from reliable stores.
  • Inspect the material of each toy to assess its durability.
  • Stay away from toys made of lead, PVC bisphenols, etc.
  • Consider your child’s suggestions if they have any.



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