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KT records QS in 32 of 55 games played since June

“Six innings is like an early exit.”

Generally speaking, a starter is judged to have done his job if he goes six innings. Quality Start (QS), one of the criteria for evaluating starting pitchers, 성인웹툰 also refers to pitching at least six innings and giving up three earned runs or less.

However, in KT Wiz, this criterion is also ambiguous. This is because there was a feeling that the pitchers were coming off the mound a little early after only six innings. As a result, it's not uncommon for starters to stay on the mound for more than six innings.

KT head coach Lee Kang-chul praised his starting pitchers for their dominance, saying, “The starters are leading the team to long innings.” He even joked, “If a starter throws only six innings, it's like an early bird.”

The players recognize this, too. KT's Ko Young-pyo, who has 15 QS+ (seven innings or more and three earned runs or less) this year, said, “In our team, if you don't pitch six innings, you don't pitch. The juniors tell me, ‘You made me do that,'” he said, laughing, “It's a good synergy. “I think it's a good synergy, 일본야동 and if the pitchers throw long innings with as few pitches as possible, the team can keep moving up.

KT has totaled 46 QS this season, second only to the Kiwoom Heroes (57). The team leads the league in QS+ (seven innings or more and three earned runs or less) with 26.

It's even more remarkable when you look at KT's rebound since June. In that period, 32 of KT's 55 games were QS. They also posted QS+ 18 times.

In this period alone, KT is the top team in both QS and QS+ among the 10 teams.
Historically, KT's strongest weapon has been a solid starting lineup.

Even this season, KT's starting rotation of Wes Benjamin, William Cuevas, Go Young-pyo, Jeobusung, and Uhm Sang-baek is one of the best in the league.

This year, however, the team had to go through some twists and turns to get back to this stable starting lineup.

Benjamin was up and down early in the season, and new signing Bo Schuler underperformed. Rookie of the Year and homegrown ace Choi Soo-joon was lost for the season due to elbow surgery.

Rebuilding, KT released Schuler and brought in Cuevas, who led the team to its first title in 2021, as a replacement. In his place is Yeo Byul-seong, who moved to the bullpen this year.

“Cuevas' arrival was a turning point,” Lee said. “I think there's an invisible synergy. “With Cuevas in the rotation, the other pitchers were able to settle down and feel less pressure.

With its starting rotation back to its strengths, KT was able to rebound. As a result, KT's ranking began to climb vertically after hovering at the bottom of the standings for the first two months of the season.

On June 4, KT was ranked 10th, but as of the 16th, they have advanced to 3rd place. 한국야동 They are one game behind the second-place SSG Landers and are on the verge of entering the ‘Top 2'.



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