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Losses and Failure in Business – Astro Solution

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Business loss is an inevitable part of doing business these days. But constant failure or recurring losses become a serious cause of concern. It gives substantial mental and financial stress to the businessman. Doing business is becoming complex with increasing competition, technological advancement, and ever-changing market trends. The Business astrology may serve as a boon for all who need help understanding the astro reason for business failure. The person may be putting best of his efforts, but for some reason, success seems a far-off dream for him. 

Astrology strikes to solve all business-related queries giving sleepless nights to a business person. One can take help of an astrologer to understand reasons behind losses and failure in business.  

How is Astrology helpful in solving losses in business?

Astrology is the science of studying planetary effects on our lives. You will be amazed to know that the planetary placements in the birth chart indicate valuable information and details about your life. Some people succeed with minimalistic efforts, while others struggle to get even the tiniest work done. Why does this happen? This disparity is not due to a person's lack of effort or determination but astrological yogas in one's kundli. The Astrology for business issues states that certain negative yogas in birth chart can ruin your business.  

Those who succeed in no time are born with auspicious yoga in their horoscope, while others who fail may have bad yoga in theirs. Here, we are also paying attention to better leadership, analytical and managerial skills that one may have. But at the same time, the astrological yoga and dasha of planets play their dominant role in determining the success or failure of a business. The failure and losses result from a lack of competency, but at same time, your birth chart narrates the true story!

Some indications of failure in business in the horoscope

First, it is essential to have the planet Sun in a good position in the horoscope to succeed in business. The Sun is the karaka of name-fame, recognition, power, and authority. An afflicted or weak Sun indicates problems in business and career. If Sun is in a bad state in the kundli, chances are likely to taste failure and losses in business. 

Duryoga- If the Lord of the 10th house sits in the horoscope's 6th, 8th, or 12th house, a duryoga gets formed. But the best astrologer has to analyze the placement of the 10th lord in any of these trik houses. It is because if the placement of the planet is in its own, exaltation or friendly sign, then the person earns great wealth through this placement.  

Daridra yoga– A person born with daridra yoga has to face several obstacles in life with no success in hand. If a person with daridra yoga starts any business, there is a strong probability of it getting failed. If the lords of the 2nd and 11th houses sit in the trik bhavas or 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, the person gets daridra yoga. But again, the placement of signs is equally important. Strong placement in the trik houses can make you amass great wealth through the significations of these houses. For example, if the 2nd or 11th lord is in exaltation in the 12th house in kundli, the person may earn great wealth through foreign sources or relations.

Rajbhanga yoga– This yoga is again vital while explaining the causes of failure in business in Astrology. The 2nd lord in the 12th house makes the Rajbhanga yoga. Those people with Rajbhanga yoga lose money and respect in life. They have to undergo challenging circumstances and struggle hard to gain business success.

So, a person should consult an astrologer before starting any business, as this bad yoga in the horoscope may ruin your business prospects. Identifying and rectifying these inauspicious yogas is crucial before deciding upon the right business selection in life.

Prerequisite of a successful business as per Astrology

Business or Job: When you wish to do business, it is imperative to identify whether you have business yoga in the horoscope. Sometimes, a person runs after a business but doing a job is more beneficial for him. So, Astrology helps to know whether doing a business or a job benefits you.

Right Selection of Business: Only some can do the same business and benefit from it. The tenth house in the horoscope is the main house of career and business. An astrologer has to check the planetary influence on this house to determine what type of business will suit that native. If a person does business as suggested by the influence of the planets at the tenth house, there are no chances of failure in business. Every planet has its natural significations and indications for different fields of work. A person should accept the suggestions of the planets to remove chances of failure in business by astrology.  

Business in Home or Foreign Land: The Business Astrologer help to know whether a person should do business in the home or foreign country. Where will he get more benefits? Certain yogas indicate that a person will succeed in a foreign land only, while others suggest doing a family business. So, knowing about this vital prospect is essential before investing money in a business. A person may not succeed at a particular place, but as soon as he changes the location of his business, his business prospers like never before. Get to know your most beneficial direction of doing business with the help of Astrology.      

Lucky Business Name: The name matters a lot! If you wish to gain success in business, select your name wisely. A lucky business name as kundliis essential to get success in business. The lucky business name can make your business touch the heights of success soon. The Moon in the birth chart signifies finance and is very important for the sound financial background of a person. The position of the Mon and the 10th Lord help to identify the lucky business name for you. The nakshatra lord of the tenth house lord gives beneficial and prosperous energy to a business name. The repetition of name, as suggested by the placement of 10th lord, attracts positivity and auspicious energy required for the business's success. 

Business partnership compatibility: Choosing your business partner is as tricky as choosing a life partner. You can't establish a partnership with anyone just like that. You must check the compatibility with the business partner as astrology chart. The 7th house and its Lord are significant for this purpose. The placement of the 7th Lord helps to determine whom you should take as your partner. It is interesting to know that your business partner selection may either make or mar your business. An astrologer may suggest whether you should take a male or female business partner, the appearance and even the direction of his residence, etc. A person should have a compatible business partner to avoid failure in business. It is essential because if your business partner is compatible, it becomes easier to make mutual business decisions and frame policies required to gain business success. 

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