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Lost & Found: What to Do if You Lose Your Forex Card Abroad

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Losing your foreign travel card​ in another country can cause much worry. It's very important to keep calm and take quick steps to minimise any possible monetary loss. Here is a detailed guide about what one should do if they are faced with this unfortunate scenario:

1.  Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

In the initial phase, maintain composure and carefully assess the circumstances. Succumbing to fear may hinder the execution of necessary actions to retrieve your misplaced Forex card. Inhale deeply and focus intently on identifying a remedy.

2.  Contact Your Forex Card Provider Immediately

The subsequent crucial step entails informing your Forex card issuer. Numerous providers boast customer service teams operating 24/7 to address exigencies of this nature. Promptly reaching out to them is imperative to report the card's misplacement and provide the requisite details, including your card number and current travel itinerary.

3.  Report the Loss to Local Authorities

Apart from getting in touch with your Forex travel card​ provider, it is also suggested that you report the loss to authorities locally. This includes contacting the police or the embassy. They will provide you with a reference number that will be needed for insurance claims, among other things.

4.  Monitor Your Account Activity

During the time you wait for a new card, it is very important to watch your account carefully. Look for any transactions that you did not do and tell them to the provider of your card right away. Many providers have protection against fraud, and they will give back money for any wrong charges made on your lost card.

5.  Freeze or Block Your Card

The option to freeze or block your Forex card is a common feature among many card providers. By using this function, you can temporarily stop any transactions from occurring on the card. This is useful if you suspect unauthorised use of your card. You can typically find the freeze option in your provider's mobile app or by contacting their customer support hotline.

6.  Arrange for a Replacement Card

After you have told them about the loss and they froze your card, contact the Forex card provider for a new one. Make sure that this replacement is sent somewhere safe, like your hotel or to someone trusted in a family or friend group.

7.  Consider Alternative Payment Methods

As you wait for your new Forex travel card​, think about other ways to pay for things. You could carry a small amount of the local currency, use a credit or debit card (if there is one) or depend on mobile payment applications. Make sure to tell your bank and card provider what's happening so there are no problems with the accounts.

8.  Review Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Those who own travel insurance should go through their policy to check if it covers the loss of their Forex card. Certain policies include protection for lost or stolen items, like prepaid cards. They need to get in touch with their insurance provider, lodge a claim, and provide all the necessary documents, such as a police report or proof of purchase.

9.  Learn from the Experience

Misplacing your Forex card in another country can be an opportunity to understand and improve. Use this time to assess the way you travel and think about steps to avoid such situations again. It might mean being more careful with your things, having extra payment methods as backup or selecting a safer way of carrying money when journeying around.


Misplacing your foreign travel card​ in another country is an uneasy experience, yet if handled with quickness and forethought, the effects can be lessened, and funds can be retrieved smoothly. Time is of the essence in this, and that is why IndusForex offers 24*7 Booking for added convenience. Keep calm, get in touch with your card provider at once, and take active measures to protect your finances.



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