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Have you ever thought about what you will do if you ever lose your Android phone? Apple users have an option to set up the ‘Find My’ feature, enabling them to track their lost device. Initially, Android didn’t include such an in-built feature, but now it does.

Stop worrying and set up a tracking system before it happens. There are various methods you can use to track your phone. If connected to a Wi-Fi network, you’re likely to get the exact location; however, GPS and mobile networks manage to give you an idea.

Before getting started, make sure you have a Google account to connect with any service you want to use.

Using Google to Locate Your Phone 

The ‘Find My Device’ feature comes with a lot of Android phones, and the service makes it easy to track your location. All you need to do is use your laptop or another phone and check for your phone’s last location.

One essential thing for you to know is that you must set up the service before your phone goes missing. Else, there’s not much hope of finding the same. Also, make sure that you have your phone’s IMEI and serial numbers. Note your phone’s IMEI by dialing *#06# from your phone’s dialer.

For people unfamiliar with the ‘IMEI number,’ it is an arrangement of a unique identifier used to register phone towers. This information is essential whenever you lose your phone and have to file a complaint.

Now, using the built-in ‘Find My Device’ feature, sign-in with your Google account to set up. Once you’ve done the same, you can locate your device anytime you want. Use your laptop or any other phone and navigate to android.com/find. Sign-in with the same Google account and complete the verifications. Now, select any of the three options, as mentioned below:

  • ‘Play a sound’ if the map indicates that the phone is nearby. This feature plays the sound even if you’ve put your device on silent.
  • ‘Secure your device’ will not allow anyone to access the home screen. In case you’ve never set a passcode or any other security, the feature comes in handy.
  • ‘Erase’ your phone if there’s no way you can get your phone back.

Notably, if you had a ‘Find My Device’ setup but cannot locate your phone now, the reason is probably that your phone isn’t connected to a network.

Using a Smart Speaker to Locate Your Phone Inside Your House

It must have happened a lot of times when you lose your phone in the house. It is an annoying situation when you’ve to rush somewhere and can’t find your Android device. Thus, you can find the same using a Google Assistant speaker if you own one.

Your phone and the speaker are likely to be logged in with the same Google account. It is also necessary to link your Google account and voice via the Home app. Again, assuming that your phone must be connected to the Wi-Fi while you are at home, it’ll become easy to track the same.

All you need to say is, “Ok Google, find my phone,” and Google will confirm the device you’re looking for. Next, it’ll turn on the ringer even if you have set your device on silent.

Using Google’s built-in ‘Find My Device’ feature is your best shot to track the last location of your device. However, if you want to use something else, there are various third-party apps to use, including Life360 Family Locator, Prey Anti Theft, Where’s My Droid, and Lost Android.

In case you become sure that your phone cannot be found now, it’ll be best to block the same using an IMEI number. It will make sure that no one registers the phone on a cell network. The next essential step is to file a complaint and furnish the IMEI number. Also, when you do the same with your carrier or service provider, it’ll be blacklisted.

Coming down to a conclusion, it’s best to set up a tracking feature on your phone. It’ll not only help you locate your lost device but hopefully get it back to you.

Source: Lost Your Android Phone? Here’s What You Can Do

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